UK2 Group Review

uk2 group review

In web hosting industry there're many giants like Godaddy, Hostgator, EIG, 1&1 and other popular names. There's another big group called UK2. Novice might never heard of this brand since there're several child brands under UK2 group. As time flies, UK2 is more and more popular because of their excellent service. We will talk about more on this company and guide you how to choose the proper service if you're interested with them.

UK2 group introduction

UK2 is an internet service provider based in the United Kingdom(UK). The company launched in 1998 and started out by selling cheap domain names in the UK. is founding brand of UK2 Group and named by Netcraft as the second most reliable hosting company in the world as well as the most reliable in the UK. To date UK2 group is serving thousands of shared and dedicated hosting customers and operate out of several state of the art, multi million pound data centers in both the UK and US.

UK2 Group official site:

Top Hosting Brands under UK2 Group

There're many brands under UK2 company and the number is still increasing because they're purchasing existing hosting business. Some popular brands under UK2 group such as, Midphase, 100TB, Westhost, ANhosting, and etc. Here let's get a quick view over them and see if we'll be using.

  • — The founding brand of UK2 group. Well known for it’s professional and low-cost hosting solutions amd rated as the most reliable UK hosting provider by Netcraft. Currently they're offering 16 months FREE promotion for shared plans.
  • Midphase — It's a pure US hosting brand with full hosting solutions including linux, windows and reseller packages. Midphase is also one of the most popular budget hosting providers with price $2.95/mo. Midphase will offer free website migration if you have hosted anywhere else.
  • 100TB — 100TB is offering pure dedicated server plans. The spotlight with 100TB service is their unrestricted tier one bandwidth each month. While we need pay extra money for traffic, it's completely free with 100TB.
  • ANhosting — Anhosting is offering budget-level shared hosting since from 2001. It's acquired by UK2 in 2005. For more details you can check our previous Anhosting review posting.
  • Westhost — A premium hosting brand under UK2 group. Top recommended by people for industry leading response times and superior performance. All westhost support staff are located in Utah (USA) office. Learn more on westhost review.

Besides all above names, would be another popular name that's focusing on virtual private server services. It's similar to 100TB while it's all about vps stuff. We can customize the VPS server configuration to meet our production usage.

UK2 vs Godaddy vs endurance

How's UK2 compared to godaddy or endurance group? Absolutely, godaddy is main player comparing to most service providers. Uk2 is still small comparing to godaddy. However, that doesn't mean UK2 is weak. Godaddy is big mainly because of their domain registration business. They have advanced technologies but lack of support and has built a negative image in the business.

Endurance would have more similarity with UK2. They both grow up by purchasing other business brands and both manage several popular names from the industry. The UK2 is relatively silent while EIG doing quatity purchasing. The recent acquisition over hostgator put EIG to topline by everyone in the business. If UK2 would like to compete with EIG or Godaddy, their team will do lots of work. However, that's not what we're going to worry about. We only need to learn who can provide us quality service. On this point of view, UK2 has great advantages. If efficient and friendly support is highly required by us, UK2 brands are definitely the primary consideration among the competition.

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