Comparison among different hosting services on all popular aspecs including hosting plan technical features, connection speed, customer support, security and price value etc. The purpose of the comparison is to help find the perfect plan to support your website requirements.

Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting

bluehost vs inmotion hosting

This article compares bluehost and inmotion hosting based their features, server performance, scalability and industry reputation. The both companies serve huge amount clients with high rate satisfication. The purpose of this comparison is to help find right hosting solution between two of the most reputable providers.

Overall Rating – Both win

Both bluehost and inmotion hosting provide affordable and rich feature hosting plans at good price. Over the past 10 years, there're several millions websites hosted with their service. Especially for bluehost, there're very few competitors from the industry. From most professionals' point of view, bluehost is unbeatable and always considered the biggest competitor by other leading brands like hostgator.


Started in 2002, bluehost is one of the very first hosting groups who can provide unlimited web hosting plans. While most services are limited or even not offered from other hosting companies, bluehost proudly to launch their competitive unlimit cpanel hosting plan. Their tactics not only help gain business success but also followed by many other competitors. But no matter how other companies improve, bluehost is still considered the standard choice of unlimited hosting. The brand bluehost as well as its founder Matt Heaton are respected names from hosting industry.

Inmotion Hosting

The company was founded in 2001 by a group of IT genius. Since from the very beginning, inmotion has been focused on business/enterprise hosting solutions. For very a long time, the inmotion hosting service is recognized high reliable but expensive. Indeed, there're lots of budget hosting plans for 2 or 3 bucks per month but we have to pay twice for inmotion hosting and limited features provided. Things changed after 2006 when inmotion team decided to provide personal website hosting solutions. There're multiple plans created for high performance simple website purpose. However, in 2013, the company deleted those plans and re-focus on business solutions and put all personal hosting solutions on webhostinghub.

Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting on Price – Bluehost wins

Bluehost provides much better price than inmotion. The bluehost default price is configured at $4.95/mo for yearly registration. But if you click through our promotional link, you can get another one dollar discount per month so final price is decreased to $3.95/mo.

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Inmotion hosting is different than most existing service. They focus on business website solutions at reasonable price but not to compete by low cost plan. Their starter Launch plan costs us $5.99/mo which is quite high comparing to other hosting plans. Their group does not issue any promo code either which is popular tactics to attract eye-balls. But if we subscribe yearly or two years upfront, we can get $12 or $24 discounts accordingly.

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inmotion hosting advantages

Hosting Feature – Bluehost wins

Bluehost wins for its all in one single hosting solution. With a single shared plan, bluehost configured all available server features for all clients. Every customer get standard cpanel management panel, unlimited space size and websites support. Basically, you get all needed service and tools to launch multiple websites with bluehost service. The company also leaded the "simplescripts" program which is installed by more and more hosting service.

Bluehost also provides state of the art VPS and dedicated server service. Unlike any other traditional server service, the bluehost servers are cloud based for instant provisioning. Means your server is ready once payment is processed.

From inmotion hosting company, there're also various leading server features but they're provided through different plans. For example the launch plan just provide very limited domain and database support, if we want to take all available advantages, we have to sign up Pro plan which is twice more payment.

VPS and dedicated server features are much the same as bluehost plan. However, we get more RAM and disk storage for the same price at bluehost site. Inmotion hosting vps servers are RAID 10 SAN disk based while bluehost server is 100% created from cloud environment. Technically speaking, higher reliability is expected from cloud service.

bluehost advantages

Server performance – Inmotion Hosting wins

Inmotion is probably offering the best performance hosting server because of their business ideas. They configured all servers via 100% DELL production and each server comes with 32GB RAM on RAID 10 disk. Linux system is optimized cloudlinux with live monitoring. The most important thing is they never oversell to be more profitable. They focus on server performance to ensure your business site is always online and responsive. In order to archieve this goal, they applied lots of server technologies and configured max speed zone from east and west coast data centers. Their system will auto detect your visitor location then pull out data from nearby data center connection.

Bluehost is also great, however their budget hosting plan already told everything. We get most server features for several bucks per month. The result is we can't always get expected loading. Especially at peak hours, slowness or even not responding on site can not be avoided. If you're hosting a big ecommerce site, it's absolutely not acceptable.

Support comparison – Both win

Both bluehost and Inmotion hosting support are responsive and professional. Their tech team prepared resourceful knoledge base and FAQ to help understand and fix most common problems. Both bluehost and inmotion hosting have study area by video tutorials. Especially on inmotion hosting site, it's almost the standard place of hosting knowledge base. Their people provided faq for every single service/tool. No matter if you use their service or not, you can always find solutions on their website.

Who do we recommend?

Actually they both are highly recommended, but it will depends your requirement if to use bluehost or inmotion. Bluehost is great if you need to put up a small to medium size blog or enterprise site. Their resourceful tools and support will simply save your time and money. But if you need high performance server for your business site, especially during peak hours in the day, inmotion hosting will serve you better. Their no overselling policy and data center layouts are powerful backbones of your business success.

Visit Inmotion for hosting plans

iPage vs WebhostingHub

ipage vs webhostinghub

Comparison of ipage and webhostinghub is based their server features, performance, support and overall industry reputation. The sole purpose of this article is to help readers to determine the right web hosting plan between ipage and webhostinghub among tons of user reviews.

Overall Rating – Both win

iPage and webhostinghub are both leading cheap web hosting providers with rich feature hosting solutions. Their affordable hosting service is trusted by multi millions global clients. Either from hosting plan structures or support features, there're no much difference between the two companies.


One of the earliest web hosting providers who has been rated on top for over 10 years. iPage provides a variety of hosting features to support a successful website. The biggest advantage with ipage is you don't have to be professional in web development, their starter guidance will guide your step by step on how to bring up a professional website. For very a long time, the company is featured with a single unlimited shared hosting plan. From this summer, ipage released VPS and dedicated server packages at very competitive price.


Sister company of inmotion hosting which is recognized business website hosting choice. The webhostinghub service focus on personal to medium size site with rich feature and affordable price. Their service is also featured for safe and fast based their server hardware and data center layouts. After offering a single high performance shared plan, webhostinghub provides upgrade opportunity to its Nitro plan which provides more dedicated resource to support your site.

iPage vs WebhostingHub on Price – iPage wins

iPage definitely provides better price. Especially if you have limited budget and would like to save money as much as possible today, ipage provides $1.89/mo special price which is absolutely leading among all hosting providers. Webhostinghub service is also pretty affordable but it's still provided at $3.99/mo after one dollar discount by our promotional link.

  • iPage: $1.89/mo by 24 months subscription.
  • WebhostingHub: $3.99/mo by 36 months subscription.

As we see, price is about half from ipage with shorter contract periods. iPage also provide very good price for upgrade to VPS or dedicated server service if you have the need.

ipage special offer

Hosting Feature – Both win

Both ipage and webhostinghub provide great hosting features to support your web requirements side by side. Being reputable unlimited hosting providers, they both support unlimited websites per single account. Other essential offers like file storage, mysql database and email accounts are all provided without limitation. All users can also get a free domain for the first year.

Webhostinghub provides standard cpanel hosting and highlight their service by leading performance and security protection. They configured su-php for all hosting servers to protect php websites on code level. It's a rare offer from all other hosting groups for performance issue. The company also provides an easy drag and drop sitebuilder wizard with more than 400 built in templates.

iPage is a little different than webhostinghub. Their hosting servers are configured on Debian linux while webhostinghub is 100% cloudlinux with cpanel support. iPage uses their inhouse developped control panel software Vdeck that has every service integrated. Users can manage billing, website hosting and marketing under the same panel. The spotlight with this control panel solution is you can activate their $100 google credits directly in account center then promote your website directly. You don't have to log into other sites separately.

Server performance – WebhostingHub wins

They both built up powerful hosting servers, but webhostinghub wins on performance based their selling policy and network advantages. Webhostinghub strictly follows their no overselling policies to ensure all clients websites can always get the same performance. They proudly advertise this and it's confirmed by most existing clients. Besides the selling policy, webhostinghub wins on data center layouts. Their group setup data center space on both east and west coasts with max speed zone enabled. Their system will smartly detect where your website users come from then deliver the contents from the most nearby network nodes.

It doesn't mean ipage bad, the weakness is they only got one data center setup in Massachusetts. Users from United States might feel no difference for powerful local network facilities, however, it matters a lot for international users. For example people from Asia and Europe will get different loading speed.

Regardless their difference, ipage is actually rated pretty high from webhostinghub official comparison

webhostinghub comparison

Support comparison – WebhostingHub wins

Support from webhostinghub company is truely the best comparing to most hosting service. Like their official announcement "we support by heart". Your question/concern will be carefully addressed whenever you call in. In order to simplify the support process, they provide multiple support groups to connect such as billing, sales, tech support. You can get problem solved professionally in short time.

Support from ipage front line is mainly for sales as we explained from previous articles. Their group outsource sales support to another company so if you try to fix a tech problem, mostly it will be ended to create a ticket. For urgent support, we highly suggest to submit high priority ticket then call their phone support directly.

Who is better choice?

Based all above explanation, it's all about your web hosting needs to use webhostinghub or ipage service. They both provide leading hosting features and performance. But if you don't want to invest a lot for decent hosting service, ipage will save your money. If you requires high performance server with instant and helpful support, webhostinghub is definitely better choice.

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Justhost vs Arvixe

justhost vs arvixe

The following comparison between justhost and arvixe is based 3 years of editorial experience and real user feedbacks. This comparison focus on some essential points like price, support, upgrade opportunity and features. Since both hosting provide affordable and reliable server plans, people sometimes may find it hard to decide which to subscribe. Thus, we have done an in-depth comparison between the two web hosts based their service features and top user concerns.

Overall Rating – Both win

Both justhost and arvixe provide affordable and rich feature hosting plans. They both receive high rate customer satisfication and have built up good reputation from hosting industry. Their hosting plans are supporting multi millions global websites as reported in their official announcements.


Part of endurance international group since 2010. The brand "justhost" was just setup in 2008 with unbeatable fast growing rate. With only 2 years development, justhost was ranked to various top 10 lists which is highly recommended by professionals. Justhost provided very standard unlimited cpanel hosting with very competitive price at the beginning. Based their leading server features and performance, justhost won huge business success in short period. Starting from this summer, justhost provides cloud VPS and dedicated server plans from the same data center space of bluehost.


One of the most reputable web hosting providers since 2003. The arvixe leading hosting offers and free work style makes their service unique from any side comparison. This company is also one of the very few reputable windows hosting provider with up to date tech supports. Arvixe provides standard cpanel and websitepanel service via multiple hosting plans including shared class, business class, vps and dedicated server class. Clients even get the opportunity to use different web servers under shared server for additional costs. Being a developer friendly hosting provider, arvixe be able to meet your programming requirements side by side.

arvixe hosting features

Justhost vs Arvixe on Price – Arvixe wins

Hosting plans from both justhost and arvixe are already pretty affordable. But arvixe definitely provides better price by the same condition.

  • Arvixe: $2.8/mo by 24 months subscription using coupon "Clue30".
  • Justhost: $2.95/mo by 36 months subscription.

For upgrade hosting plans such as VPS, arvixe also provides better price for the same server configuration. The better advantage with justhost is people get the opportunity to try out the server with half price for the first month.

Feature comparison – Both win

Both arvixe and justhost provides standard cpanel support for linux hosting plans. Every service is provided as it is with unlimited feature. Some popular offer like disk storage, monthly data transfer, number of email accounts and databases are all provided unlimit. All their servers are configured on DELL with RAID 10 on cloudlinux platform.

For justhost vps, they're created on cloud platforms with 100% uptime guarantee based their leading monitoring system. Justhost also provides instant provisioning for all vps servers which means you can get your server once payment processed. On arvixe end, you even get SSD support with small extra fee.

justhost features

While justhost provides 100% pure linux hosting solutions, users get windows option from arvixe. The arvixe windows server hosting is provided on each class with very competitive price. The windows server configuration is simply the best. Windows server 2012 with unlimited sql server 2012 support plus all available windows server features. Arvixe always stay with the latest updates with microsoft to deliver newest tech support to clients. If you are microsoft developer, arvixe shouldn't be ignored.

Performance comparison – Both win

Before 2013, justhost servers were powered from a single data center where there's always network outage. After merged into Endurance group, the tech team moved all their service to bluehost data centers in Utah. Their data centers are setup to meet the next 30 years' requirement with all available modern technologies. Even after migrated all EIG cpanel servers there, there's still 1/4 free space left. This gives great scalability to their business growth.

The arvixe servers are powered by softlayer data centers in Dallas and Huston. Besides guaranteed performance, their data centers are well known for ddos attack protection. Arvixe is also partnered with lots of reputable security groups like 6scan to ensure your server and website is clean.

Support comparison – Arvixe wins

Arvixe provides the best hosting support by our experience till present. Although their people have free work style, they indeed focus on their jobs seriously. No matter if they work from office or home, they always keep connected for fast response. Unlike most hosting companies who set level one or just sales representative from hot lines, customer can get in touch with different level supports easily in case there's need. Their CEO Arvand even provide personal support directly if you're not satisfied anywhere. He's also very active in social media sites and forums.

Justhost front line support is mainly set on level one. Unlike most other hosting providers, the justhost support is outsourced to third party provider. They can only handle basic tech support and mainly work as sales role. For real tech support, you need to submit ticket to senior technicians.

Who do we recommend?

As suggested above, both justhost and arvixe are leading hosting providers who can provide various hosting solutions to support your web requirements. But if you need better support and more server platforms, arvixe is better choice based all above explanation.

Visit arvixe official site for hosting plan features

iPage vs Ixwebhosting

ipage vs ixwebhosting

This article compares ipage and ixwebhosting side by side through real user experience. The comparison is solely generated by signing up their service then host website for various script testing. We test and monitor website performance, server uptime and tech support side by side. What you see below is what we personal experienced.

iPage and ixwebhosting are two of the popular cheap web hosting providers who can provide rich feature hosting plans at low costs. However, they're definitely configured to work with different website purpose.

iPage vs Ixwebhosting for Speed

Ixwebhosting wins when referring to server speed. I'm not sure if its because of my ISP routings here in Hongkong or their data center specifications, the site on ix hosting server is much faster than another one from ipage. Even their official site response got huge difference in loading speed. Here's a basic ping results

ipage and ixwebhosting ping results

On my local I have 10M internet speed and most websites can be opened fastly so it's obviously not my local issue. The ipage server might be too busy because of huge traffic or there's some routing problem between my ISP to their data center.

iPage vs Ixwebhosting for plan features

Both win on service features. iPage is most well known for its all in one hosting plan where every customer recieves equal resources. Ixwebhosting still highlights their service by offering lots of dedicated IPs while its an expensive service from most other hosting companies.

Although we get different management control panel softwares for website setup, we don't find a problem in using each functions there. Especially for ixwebhosting, the h-sphere control panel got rid of most useless tabs and just remains what user really needed. You can't really find a more clean control panel system than this one.

ipage hosting features

The both company provides free domain name, unlimited storage space and mysql database. Everything like system OS and softwares are updated with latest stable versions. We have worked on test sites on both servers for over 1.5 years and no security issue founded so far.

The crucial difference is about server upgrade opportunity after you outgrew shared server. They both provides upgrade service to managed VPS and dedicated servers. However, ipage definitely provides better price and server features. For example we can get 1GB RAM with 40GB disk size plus 1TB montly traffic at $19.99/mo. But the price is almost twice more from ix company.

Another point I like to mention is both sites are very popular in China. Especially ix site, they even developped a Chinese version with Chinese tech support for users in this area. Lots of ix staffs are from China as I know of. Because they provide lots of dedicated IPs, many web development groups use this offer to host websites for their clients and sell via good price.

ix web hosting features

iPage vs Ixwebhosting for Support

As referring to support, there's no much difference on either end. To be more specific, they only provide basic online support. Live chat is more about sales either than tech support. We have not tried phone calls yet because of time difference and there's no real need at all for our accounts. During our evaluation contacting to support, we find ipage staff more like to guide us to ticket system when referring to a technical question they can not answer, but no replies from ixwebhosting people and suddenly they send out answers after few minutes. I guess their guys were asking from seniors but forgot to notify people?

Actually there's really no need to contact their support for most of the time. Unless you need some changes on server end, most questions can be answered through their knowledge base and tutorials. Many online solutions are applicable for problem fixing with both service.

iPage vs Ixwebhosting for Price

iPage definitely provides better price than ix group. The newest promotion is offered at $1/mo for shared hosting and you have opportunity to sign up 2 years upfront. That means less than $50 for two years hosting service! No other website could offer such great price and server features. For those people who're operating a hobby blog or simple personal website, ipage is obviously perfect choice.

On the other hand, we need to pay $3.95 for starter plan, even after 25% discounts by coupon codes, the price still remains around $3/mo which is pretty high comparing to ipage hosting. Another problem is about the billing management. We signed up their unlimited pro plan for a year via promotional price. When we received renewal notice after 10 months, we tried to view how much we need to pay. But problem occurs, I just selected the "two years billing" option then it's auto charged from our paypal account. Actually I was not willing to pay yet.


iPage is better choice if you're going to launch website at a better price and upgrade opportunity. Ix is good if you want to utilize lots of dedicated IPs. But if you need more reliability for flexible hosting, ipage is absolutely better than ix. From our continuous monitoring and testing, uptime on ipage server is 5% more till present.

Go to ipage and view hosting plans

Arvixe vs Winhost

arvixe vs winhost

We have generated a list of comparison between arvixe and winhost based editorial experience and hosting performance. The purpose is to help our readers to choose the right hosting plan which will tightly match with your web requirements. In order to compare the two companies in as detail as possible, we have tracked lots of real user experience and work with the actual service directly to learn how its working.

In web hosting industry, arvixe and winhost are two mostly recommended windows hosting providers for their rich feature hosting plans and leading performance. However, there're lots of difference with their service such as hosting plan structures, support and price etc. Below is a list of comparison over essential points.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Server Platform

Arvixe is most well known for its compatibility over both windows and linux hosting. Arvixe have installed Centos 6 and Windows server 2012 on latest DELL server production to generate the best performance on user websites.

Winhost utilizes DELL servers too but they're doing pure windows hosting which means their people can put more efforts in optimizing their servers to fulfill your website requirements. Also, winhost provides both windows server 2012 and 2008 options to meet your development requirements side by side. If you're microsoft developer and in need of professional hosting solutions, winhost is better than arvixe.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Plan structure

Arvixe provides multiple hosting solutions vary from shared, busiess, VPS and dedicated server class. After you outgrew your current plan you can easily upgrade to higher server option with almost zero downtime. You don't have to worry about your website growth at all with arvixe because you get full hosting solutions.

arvixe hosting plans

Winhost is a little different, we just get multiple shared hosting plans to work with. Although they announce to provide unlimited feature from ultimate plan, it's still on shared environment which means we can not avoid being affected by other web applications on same server. Winhost is perfect choice if you operate a small to medium size website but won't work if you would like to promote a large site like forum or shopping cart.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Tech features

Arvixe provides standard features from websitepanel software. Most features are provided as unlimited like disk storage, email accounts and sql server database. The arvixe windows server is also fully php mysql compatible so you can install most php scripts with no problem like wordpress or joomla. Their tech team has extremely optimized their server space to work with every script. However, being a standard windows server, arvixe can only provide express edition sql server which is not perfect choice for enterprise website solution. Some core features are not included with this version such as sql jobs and the max database size is only 4GBs. Another weakness is express database is always installed on web server to share the same server resource. It's absolutely not good for guaranteed performance consideration.

Winhost is different, we have choice of 3 different versions: 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012. Each version is configured on standard editions other than express. You can make full use of most available features with the database system by remote management. Because the winhost people have prepared different servers for website and database, your website performance is well protected. Since from 2012, winhost started to provide support for php and mysql database and allows clients to host most available open source scripts, they even programmed the auto installer for some popular scripts in control panel.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Ease of use

Both win. Arvixe windows server hosting is completely created from websitepanel center. This open source control panel software is featured for powerful and user friendly. Each function is provided under proper tabs with easy navigation. You can handle website service without navigating a lot. Some mostly visited services like DNS, files, database, emails and ftp accounts are put on top front so you can navigate easily.

Winhost programmed their own control panel. Every service is categorized well but you have to be a litte technical in order to use their service well. For example winhost does not limit the number of websites people can host in same hosting account, but you have to work with web.config file and do redirection for extra sites. By default you can only host a single website if you make no change at all. Before you start using their service, read over their kb articles is highly suggested.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Support

Arvixe wins. Arvixe provides support over every available online resources including website chat, hotline numbers, ticket, social network and more. We highly suggest to check our experience in dealing with website restore from arvixe. Their people are super nice to help with our problem on live communication. Because their staffs are all over united states with free work style, they can provide real 24*7 support assistance. Their staffs including CEO Arvand are pretty active in various webmaster forums.

Winhost should improve a bit. The main contact channel is email form where we have to wait. Based our experience, they're not always in email support because we waited hours for a sales question. Tech and billing support is provided under client portal where you can submit tickets to different departments. There's a phone number but is advertised for sales only.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Price

Arvixe provides better price than winhost. The arvixe basic windows hosting is offered at $5/mo for multiple domain names hosting and unlimited databases. If you apply this arvixe coupon "Clue30", you get 30% discounts for 2 years upfront payment. That means the final monthly cost is reduced to $3.5/mo. Don't forget you get a free domain too with this price.

The highest promotion from winhost is 2 months free if you sign up yearly. Basic plan starts with $4.95/mo for single database support. You also need to register domain name by yourself. If you choose to register with winhost, price is $12.95/yr.

winhost plans and price


Winhost is good choice if you need super professional windows server support and performance because most their people are developers and work closely with microsoft company. But if you are going to promote a large site for better price and support, arvixe is absolutely better one based their service structure and reputation in hosting business.

Go to arvixe for hosting plans

Justhost vs Hostgator

justhost vs hostgator

After both Justhost and Hostgator offered server upgrade options, they gained lots of new business. Since they both are managed by endurance group, which would be better choice to power your business? We have dealt with both justhost and hostgator service since 2008. In case you're considering either of their service, we have collected a list of in-depth comparison between justhost and hostgator.

Justhost Introduction

The brand justhost was just started in 2008 but quickly gained the most popularity among thousands of competitors. With only 2 years growth, justhost had powered more than 1 million websites. However, justhost later got acquired by endurance company for good price. After offered 5 years single shared hosting service, justhost launched vps and dedicated server plans in 2013.

Hostgator Introduction

One of the most well known and reputable web hosting brands. Since 2002, hostgator has grown from a bedroom to a world class operation center. From its official announcement, hostgator is currently serving over 9 million websites. Both windows and linux hosting solutions are provided by hostgator service with industry standards. Hostgator was merged to endurance in 2011.

Justhost vs Hostgator – Hosting Features

Both win. Justhost provides a single shared hosting solution with unlimited features for everything plus a free domain registration. Customers get standard linux hosting service via cpanel control panel. All available features are provided with the control panel software like one click installer, sitebuilder service and SEO package etc.

Hostgator provides similar features but with more options. With hostgator you can choose from multiple plans for different requirements. Unlike most other hosting providers, hostgator does not offer free domain name. You have to register by your own. However, hostgator wins for choice of windows platform. Not too many hosting providers offer windows option on the market. Over 90% hosting service is linux based for costive competition. However, there're indeed great amount of requests for windows server service. The hostgator affordable and rich feature windows hosting plans are well rated by most existing clients.

justhost vps service

Justhost vs Hostgator – Upgrade opportunity

Justhost win. The justhost servers are all cloud technologies based with guaranteed resource. The justhost vps/dedicated servers are provided the same as bluehost with same hardware/software specifications, because their servers are all placed in the same data center space. They provide half price for the first month service.

Hostgator provides multiple upgrade options for VPS and dedicated server. You can select server specifications according to your requirements. But hostgator servers are currently provided on traditional single server technologies which means all resources are limited by host server. What really make it outstanding is every server will come with lots of free bonus for example smartermail service, smarter track, plesk sitebuilder wizard with more than 1000 templates. Such bonus is not available from any other server providers.

Justhost vs Hostgator – Server Uptime

Both win. There was difference few months before. However there's no real difference now because both companies have migrated their servers to the same data center space. New data center space is exactly the one setup by bluehost group in Utah. Endurance seems would like to migrate all their cpanel service to this data center and make full use of the available resources. Even after migrated justhost and hostgator there, still at least 1/4 free space left because the huge size.

From continous monitoring over their server/network statistics, no real downtime in the past 2 months. Just temporary slowness during midnight backup periods. Comparing to the old times in old data center space, the server uptime is definitely improved a lot.

Justhost vs Hostgator – Support Availability

Both win. Although both brands are belong to endurance, they're currently supported by different support teams. Justhost support people are partially generated from old company and hostgator is still supported by old HG team at the moment. All their tech people are smart genius with years experience. They're active in multiple support resources such as company blog/forum, phone and chat support etc. Their people are working around the clock so you can always pick up a professional from online contact channels.

Justhost vs Hostgator – Price

Justhost wins. Either for shared or vps/dedicated server plans, justhost provides much better price. At the moment, the justhost shared hosting plan just costs $2.25/mo and you can still apply some coupon codes for further discounts. For vps and dedicated service people can get half discount for first month service. VPS server just starts with $29.99/mo with 2GB RAM and 30GB guaranteed resource, you also get a free domain name and cpanel control panel. You don't get such advantage from hostgator. The hostgator single domain hosting plan starts with $3.96/mo with limited resources. As about VPS server, you need to pay twice amount in order to get similar server features from justhost service.

justhost cheap hosting


If you need to take windows server advantages, hostgator will serve you better because justhost does not offer this service yet. But if you want to save more for simple website hosting purpose, justhost is absolutely the right choice. Only $2.25/mo you will get free domain name unlimited website hosting opportunity, you don't get such advantages from hostgator.

Visit justhost now for server plan details