Arvixe vs Winhost

arvixe vs winhost

We have generated a list of comparison between arvixe and winhost based editorial experience and hosting performance. The purpose is to help our readers to choose the right hosting plan which will tightly match with your web requirements. In order to compare the two companies in as detail as possible, we have tracked lots of real user experience and work with the actual service directly to learn how its working.

In web hosting industry, arvixe and winhost are two mostly recommended windows hosting providers for their rich feature hosting plans and leading performance. However, there're lots of difference with their service such as hosting plan structures, support and price etc. Below is a list of comparison over essential points.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Server Platform

Arvixe is most well known for its compatibility over both windows and linux hosting. Arvixe have installed Centos 6 and Windows server 2012 on latest DELL server production to generate the best performance on user websites.

Winhost utilizes DELL servers too but they're doing pure windows hosting which means their people can put more efforts in optimizing their servers to fulfill your website requirements. Also, winhost provides both windows server 2012 and 2008 options to meet your development requirements side by side. If you're microsoft developer and in need of professional hosting solutions, winhost is better than arvixe.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Plan structure

Arvixe provides multiple hosting solutions vary from shared, busiess, VPS and dedicated server class. After you outgrew your current plan you can easily upgrade to higher server option with almost zero downtime. You don't have to worry about your website growth at all with arvixe because you get full hosting solutions.

arvixe hosting plans

Winhost is a little different, we just get multiple shared hosting plans to work with. Although they announce to provide unlimited feature from ultimate plan, it's still on shared environment which means we can not avoid being affected by other web applications on same server. Winhost is perfect choice if you operate a small to medium size website but won't work if you would like to promote a large site like forum or shopping cart.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Tech features

Arvixe provides standard features from websitepanel software. Most features are provided as unlimited like disk storage, email accounts and sql server database. The arvixe windows server is also fully php mysql compatible so you can install most php scripts with no problem like wordpress or joomla. Their tech team has extremely optimized their server space to work with every script. However, being a standard windows server, arvixe can only provide express edition sql server which is not perfect choice for enterprise website solution. Some core features are not included with this version such as sql jobs and the max database size is only 4GBs. Another weakness is express database is always installed on web server to share the same server resource. It's absolutely not good for guaranteed performance consideration.

Winhost is different, we have choice of 3 different versions: 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012. Each version is configured on standard editions other than express. You can make full use of most available features with the database system by remote management. Because the winhost people have prepared different servers for website and database, your website performance is well protected. Since from 2012, winhost started to provide support for php and mysql database and allows clients to host most available open source scripts, they even programmed the auto installer for some popular scripts in control panel.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Ease of use

Both win. Arvixe windows server hosting is completely created from websitepanel center. This open source control panel software is featured for powerful and user friendly. Each function is provided under proper tabs with easy navigation. You can handle website service without navigating a lot. Some mostly visited services like DNS, files, database, emails and ftp accounts are put on top front so you can navigate easily.

Winhost programmed their own control panel. Every service is categorized well but you have to be a litte technical in order to use their service well. For example winhost does not limit the number of websites people can host in same hosting account, but you have to work with web.config file and do redirection for extra sites. By default you can only host a single website if you make no change at all. Before you start using their service, read over their kb articles is highly suggested.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Support

Arvixe wins. Arvixe provides support over every available online resources including website chat, hotline numbers, ticket, social network and more. We highly suggest to check our experience in dealing with website restore from arvixe. Their people are super nice to help with our problem on live communication. Because their staffs are all over united states with free work style, they can provide real 24*7 support assistance. Their staffs including CEO Arvand are pretty active in various webmaster forums.

Winhost should improve a bit. The main contact channel is email form where we have to wait. Based our experience, they're not always in email support because we waited hours for a sales question. Tech and billing support is provided under client portal where you can submit tickets to different departments. There's a phone number but is advertised for sales only.

Arvixe vs Winhost – Price

Arvixe provides better price than winhost. The arvixe basic windows hosting is offered at $5/mo for multiple domain names hosting and unlimited databases. If you apply this arvixe coupon "Clue30", you get 30% discounts for 2 years upfront payment. That means the final monthly cost is reduced to $3.5/mo. Don't forget you get a free domain too with this price.

The highest promotion from winhost is 2 months free if you sign up yearly. Basic plan starts with $4.95/mo for single database support. You also need to register domain name by yourself. If you choose to register with winhost, price is $12.95/yr.

winhost plans and price


Winhost is good choice if you need super professional windows server support and performance because most their people are developers and work closely with microsoft company. But if you are going to promote a large site for better price and support, arvixe is absolutely better one based their service structure and reputation in hosting business.

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