Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting

bluehost vs inmotion hosting

This article compares bluehost and inmotion hosting based their features, server performance, scalability and industry reputation. The both companies serve huge amount clients with high rate satisfication. The purpose of this comparison is to help find right hosting solution between two of the most reputable providers.

Overall Rating – Both win

Both bluehost and inmotion hosting provide affordable and rich feature hosting plans at good price. Over the past 10 years, there're several millions websites hosted with their service. Especially for bluehost, there're very few competitors from the industry. From most professionals' point of view, bluehost is unbeatable and always considered the biggest competitor by other leading brands like hostgator.


Started in 2002, bluehost is one of the very first hosting groups who can provide unlimited web hosting plans. While most services are limited or even not offered from other hosting companies, bluehost proudly to launch their competitive unlimit cpanel hosting plan. Their tactics not only help gain business success but also followed by many other competitors. But no matter how other companies improve, bluehost is still considered the standard choice of unlimited hosting. The brand bluehost as well as its founder Matt Heaton are respected names from hosting industry.

Inmotion Hosting

The company was founded in 2001 by a group of IT genius. Since from the very beginning, inmotion has been focused on business/enterprise hosting solutions. For very a long time, the inmotion hosting service is recognized high reliable but expensive. Indeed, there're lots of budget hosting plans for 2 or 3 bucks per month but we have to pay twice for inmotion hosting and limited features provided. Things changed after 2006 when inmotion team decided to provide personal website hosting solutions. There're multiple plans created for high performance simple website purpose. However, in 2013, the company deleted those plans and re-focus on business solutions and put all personal hosting solutions on webhostinghub.

Bluehost vs Inmotion Hosting on Price – Bluehost wins

Bluehost provides much better price than inmotion. The bluehost default price is configured at $4.95/mo for yearly registration. But if you click through our promotional link, you can get another one dollar discount per month so final price is decreased to $3.95/mo.

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Inmotion hosting is different than most existing service. They focus on business website solutions at reasonable price but not to compete by low cost plan. Their starter Launch plan costs us $5.99/mo which is quite high comparing to other hosting plans. Their group does not issue any promo code either which is popular tactics to attract eye-balls. But if we subscribe yearly or two years upfront, we can get $12 or $24 discounts accordingly.

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inmotion hosting advantages

Hosting Feature – Bluehost wins

Bluehost wins for its all in one single hosting solution. With a single shared plan, bluehost configured all available server features for all clients. Every customer get standard cpanel management panel, unlimited space size and websites support. Basically, you get all needed service and tools to launch multiple websites with bluehost service. The company also leaded the "simplescripts" program which is installed by more and more hosting service.

Bluehost also provides state of the art VPS and dedicated server service. Unlike any other traditional server service, the bluehost servers are cloud based for instant provisioning. Means your server is ready once payment is processed.

From inmotion hosting company, there're also various leading server features but they're provided through different plans. For example the launch plan just provide very limited domain and database support, if we want to take all available advantages, we have to sign up Pro plan which is twice more payment.

VPS and dedicated server features are much the same as bluehost plan. However, we get more RAM and disk storage for the same price at bluehost site. Inmotion hosting vps servers are RAID 10 SAN disk based while bluehost server is 100% created from cloud environment. Technically speaking, higher reliability is expected from cloud service.

bluehost advantages

Server performance – Inmotion Hosting wins

Inmotion is probably offering the best performance hosting server because of their business ideas. They configured all servers via 100% DELL production and each server comes with 32GB RAM on RAID 10 disk. Linux system is optimized cloudlinux with live monitoring. The most important thing is they never oversell to be more profitable. They focus on server performance to ensure your business site is always online and responsive. In order to archieve this goal, they applied lots of server technologies and configured max speed zone from east and west coast data centers. Their system will auto detect your visitor location then pull out data from nearby data center connection.

Bluehost is also great, however their budget hosting plan already told everything. We get most server features for several bucks per month. The result is we can't always get expected loading. Especially at peak hours, slowness or even not responding on site can not be avoided. If you're hosting a big ecommerce site, it's absolutely not acceptable.

Support comparison – Both win

Both bluehost and Inmotion hosting support are responsive and professional. Their tech team prepared resourceful knoledge base and FAQ to help understand and fix most common problems. Both bluehost and inmotion hosting have study area by video tutorials. Especially on inmotion hosting site, it's almost the standard place of hosting knowledge base. Their people provided faq for every single service/tool. No matter if you use their service or not, you can always find solutions on their website.

Who do we recommend?

Actually they both are highly recommended, but it will depends your requirement if to use bluehost or inmotion. Bluehost is great if you need to put up a small to medium size blog or enterprise site. Their resourceful tools and support will simply save your time and money. But if you need high performance server for your business site, especially during peak hours in the day, inmotion hosting will serve you better. Their no overselling policy and data center layouts are powerful backbones of your business success.

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