iPage vs WebhostingHub

ipage vs webhostinghub

Comparison of ipage and webhostinghub is based their server features, performance, support and overall industry reputation. The sole purpose of this article is to help readers to determine the right web hosting plan between ipage and webhostinghub among tons of user reviews.

Overall Rating – Both win

iPage and webhostinghub are both leading cheap web hosting providers with rich feature hosting solutions. Their affordable hosting service is trusted by multi millions global clients. Either from hosting plan structures or support features, there're no much difference between the two companies.


One of the earliest web hosting providers who has been rated on top for over 10 years. iPage provides a variety of hosting features to support a successful website. The biggest advantage with ipage is you don't have to be professional in web development, their starter guidance will guide your step by step on how to bring up a professional website. For very a long time, the company is featured with a single unlimited shared hosting plan. From this summer, ipage released VPS and dedicated server packages at very competitive price.


Sister company of inmotion hosting which is recognized business website hosting choice. The webhostinghub service focus on personal to medium size site with rich feature and affordable price. Their service is also featured for safe and fast based their server hardware and data center layouts. After offering a single high performance shared plan, webhostinghub provides upgrade opportunity to its Nitro plan which provides more dedicated resource to support your site.

iPage vs WebhostingHub on Price – iPage wins

iPage definitely provides better price. Especially if you have limited budget and would like to save money as much as possible today, ipage provides $1.89/mo special price which is absolutely leading among all hosting providers. Webhostinghub service is also pretty affordable but it's still provided at $3.99/mo after one dollar discount by our promotional link.

  • iPage: $1.89/mo by 24 months subscription.
  • WebhostingHub: $3.99/mo by 36 months subscription.

As we see, price is about half from ipage with shorter contract periods. iPage also provide very good price for upgrade to VPS or dedicated server service if you have the need.

ipage special offer

Hosting Feature – Both win

Both ipage and webhostinghub provide great hosting features to support your web requirements side by side. Being reputable unlimited hosting providers, they both support unlimited websites per single account. Other essential offers like file storage, mysql database and email accounts are all provided without limitation. All users can also get a free domain for the first year.

Webhostinghub provides standard cpanel hosting and highlight their service by leading performance and security protection. They configured su-php for all hosting servers to protect php websites on code level. It's a rare offer from all other hosting groups for performance issue. The company also provides an easy drag and drop sitebuilder wizard with more than 400 built in templates.

iPage is a little different than webhostinghub. Their hosting servers are configured on Debian linux while webhostinghub is 100% cloudlinux with cpanel support. iPage uses their inhouse developped control panel software Vdeck that has every service integrated. Users can manage billing, website hosting and marketing under the same panel. The spotlight with this control panel solution is you can activate their $100 google credits directly in account center then promote your website directly. You don't have to log into other sites separately.

Server performance – WebhostingHub wins

They both built up powerful hosting servers, but webhostinghub wins on performance based their selling policy and network advantages. Webhostinghub strictly follows their no overselling policies to ensure all clients websites can always get the same performance. They proudly advertise this and it's confirmed by most existing clients. Besides the selling policy, webhostinghub wins on data center layouts. Their group setup data center space on both east and west coasts with max speed zone enabled. Their system will smartly detect where your website users come from then deliver the contents from the most nearby network nodes.

It doesn't mean ipage bad, the weakness is they only got one data center setup in Massachusetts. Users from United States might feel no difference for powerful local network facilities, however, it matters a lot for international users. For example people from Asia and Europe will get different loading speed.

Regardless their difference, ipage is actually rated pretty high from webhostinghub official comparison

webhostinghub comparison

Support comparison – WebhostingHub wins

Support from webhostinghub company is truely the best comparing to most hosting service. Like their official announcement "we support by heart". Your question/concern will be carefully addressed whenever you call in. In order to simplify the support process, they provide multiple support groups to connect such as billing, sales, tech support. You can get problem solved professionally in short time.

Support from ipage front line is mainly for sales as we explained from previous articles. Their group outsource sales support to another company so if you try to fix a tech problem, mostly it will be ended to create a ticket. For urgent support, we highly suggest to submit high priority ticket then call their phone support directly.

Who is better choice?

Based all above explanation, it's all about your web hosting needs to use webhostinghub or ipage service. They both provide leading hosting features and performance. But if you don't want to invest a lot for decent hosting service, ipage will save your money. If you requires high performance server with instant and helpful support, webhostinghub is definitely better choice.

Visit Webhostinghub for hosting plan features http://www.webhostinghub.com

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