Hawkhost vs Bluehost

Hawkhost vs bluehost

This article is about bluehost and hawkhost comparison based their hosting advantages, performance, price value and support. The both companies are very popular choice by people but always make users hard to choose when comparing them together. Hence, we carry out this in-depth comparison to help our readers make the right choice when there's need of either hosting service.

A reputable web hosting provider since 2006. It's some part new comparing to lots of famous hosting groups but their team members are all from computing majors and worked in IT industry for more than 3 years. Thus they setup every hosting servers using leading hardware production and software solutions. They applied cloudlinux and litespeed web server for max performance. Till present, hawkhost is still recognized the standard choice of litespeed hosting.

One of the most respected names in hosting industry. Since 2001, bluehost has been offering unlimited hosting solutions with competitive price. Every feature from bluehost site is industry standard that followed by lots of new companies. Till present, bluehost is serving multi millions global clients and this makes the company to one of the largest hosting providers.

Hosting Features Comparison – both win

Both hawkhost and bluehost provide rich feature hosting plans that be able to support various websites. All popular features are provided from both service and actually is more than what we will need. Here's a brief list of their leading server features

  • High performance server. They both use Dual Quad Core Xeon DELL server production with 24GB minimum RAM and RAID 10 disk storage. Web server is optimized cloudlinux or similar system.
  • Multiple versions PHP. Servers are installed multiple versions PHP to meet with your development requirements. People also have the opportunity to customize php.ini in hosting control panel.
  • SSH Access support. SSH opportunity is available for every customer if you prefer to command line operation. Just follow their activiattion process to have it enabled.

The only difference from their server feature is bluehost provides unlimited disk space while it's limited by hawkhost. However, the minimum 3000MB space is good enough for most websites. There's no other technical difference with their service.

Server connectivity – both win

Besides their leading server configuration. They both are supported by multiple mordern data center service. Bluehost build up their own data centers in Utah. The actual data center resources are more than enough to support their existing business from its official report. The hostgator and justhost servers are even being migrated there.

Hawkhost does not have their own data centers, but they coperate with lots of ISP to deliver the best performance. They have USA and oversea data center service from multiple locations such as Singapore and Amsterdam. It's extremely helpful who want to use an US service from local data center provider

Price Comparison – Hawkhost wins

Hawkhost provides much better price for shared hosting plans. Also, hawkhost accepts monthly, quarterly payments with the lest price difference. Means no matter if you pay annually or monthly, the final amount won't differ a lot. It's a good selling point because many cheap hosting companies provide very attractive price for 2 or 3 years subscription. If you want to try out by monthly, you pay several times more plus set up fee.

Hawkhost also provides promo codes on official site. Their current discount rate is 25% for shared/vps service. But that's definitely not we expected. Just claim this hawkhost 50% off coupon for half price hosting!

Support Comparison – both win

Hawkhost and bluehost both provide resourceful support in multiple channels. Their knowledge base is updated frequently with new support tutorials and FAQs. There're also hotlines and chat/ticket support systems to meet your different support inquiries. From our continuous monitoring to both service, their support is pretty responsive from either live or email communication.

Who do we recommend?

Both are good choice as we see above. But they come with small difference too. They provide different web server solutions and plan structures. If you prefer to cloudlinux and litespeed web server, hawkhost is the best comparing to all existing providers. You also get very affordable upgrade options. Service from bluehost is more about standards so you can get used to the service quickly. To use hawkhost or bluehost is simply based your personal preference.

Visit bluehost for hosting plans http://www.bluehost.com

Is Bluehost Good WordPress Hosting Provider?

is bluehost good wordpress hosting provider?

Bluehost, a reputable hosting provider in the industry which is also the primary recommendation by wordpress official site. It's hosting multi millions small to medium size websites. As about 1/3 websites are wordpress based from official reports. So is bluehost good wordpress hosting provider?

The answer is yes, from following reviews we will unveil how bluehost support wordpress side by side.

WordPress Compatible Hosting Server

Bluehost is wordpress project golden partner since from the very beginning. Because of this partnership, bluehost strictly setup their servers to meet up with the software requirements. Their tech team also test locally to ensure the server is optimized properly to deliver the best performance on clients website. Based their co-operation with wordpress, they can get the latest updates from the project team and do needful changes on server end.

In order to support wordpress perfectly, bluehost provides following advantages on every hosting server.

  • All necessary apache web server modules like Mod_rewrite and mod_security.
  • Multiple PHP versions are provided with up to 64MB PHP memory_limit to support your different wordpress requirements.
  • Hosting server is deeply optimized by betterlinux optimizer.

Leading Website Loading Speed

Unlike most other web hosts who rent data center space from ISP, bluehost created their own data centers to meet up with the next 30 years tech requirements. Their modern data centers are powered by multi network backbones and 24*7 live monitoring guards. Each server is setup with UPS power backup and failover backup. Means if a server goes down for any reason, a backup server will take over the work so your site is always up.

Bluehost is hosting lots of famous wordpress sites and their best loading record for simple wordPress site is less than 1 second. The best loading speed for heavy traffic site is less than 2 seconds which is absolutely leading comparing to most cheap hosting service. The most important point is they never stopped improving, their server hardwares and softwares are always updated with new production.

Super friendly support and High rate satisfication

Their support teams are all IT engineers who have multi years development experience and many of them are member or leading from various open source projects. Their people are involved to wordpress development directly and have developed a series of video tutorials to help users in using wordpress properly on their hosting server and quick solution for most common issues. In case you need to talk to support directly, their people are working around the clock and will pick up your calls in few seconds. They provide multiple support channels including website chat, phone calls and ticket. You can always select your desired communicating channel to proceed.

From multi hundreds customer feedback pages, most clients give 4 or 5 stars for their service and support and lots of unhappy clients finally added more comments for good solutions.

Simplescripts WordPress Installation

Bluehost uses simplescripts auto installer in cpanel center. Unlike most other providers with softaculous or fantastic support, simplescripts is a project leaded by bluehost group. Means they fully understand this software and knows how to improve the user experience properly. Users won't find a single problem in using simplescripts for wordpress installation. Just few clicks away and all necessary files will be loaded to your website directory and database will be setup properly. You will find how simple the process is.

Do we recommend?

Absolutely yes. Bluehost is one of the very few web hosting providers who can provide dedicated support for wordpress. Being the software official recommendation, bluehost not only guarantees 100% compatible hosting server but also provides leading after sale supports to ensure your web properties in safe place.

If we take a look about the bluehost hosting plans and features, we should have found it's not just suitable for wordpress but 100% compatible with lots of softwares like joomla and other open source projects. Their price $3.95/mo is absolutely leading among most cheap hosting plans. You might find a cheaper service but you can hardly find another service with the same level support and performance.

Find more details about bluehost from official site http://www.bluehost.com