ZeroNet – No Take Down Website Creation

zeronetWhat’s ZeroNet?

ZeroNet is an open source network project based Python. Websites in this network are browsed through “ZeroNet URL” which is similar to localhost websites.

ZeroNet is a platform using Bitcoin crypto and BitTorrent network. The ZeroNet is fully supported by complete torrent via encrypted internet connection. User communication and file sharing is 100% safe comparing to traditional solutions. By ZeroNet, users be able to create website on their own computers and its still working even after computer is powered off!

Because of localhost IP address, it’s almost impossible to find where a website is hosted exactly. Any visitor could be website hoster, thus its perfect choice for cross platform and “No Take down” website creation.

Unbeatable advantages

  1. No server side technical skills required for website creation
  2. P2P technology based platform. Your website will always be online once someone visited, NO website take down!
  3. Localhost compatible, you can view site without WAN internet connection
  4. Bitcoin based account protection, you’re completely hiden behind
  5. No domain name required, anybody can visit through address
  6. Available anywhere in the world!

Project official address:

Challenge to Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting service is based either single or cloud server platforms which requires special and professional maintenance. On user end, we have to pay both hosting service and domain registration. If we’re lack of maintenance skills or forgot to renew the service, all website properties might be flushed.

ZeroNet completely revised the way and make it very simple to everybody. Based its fast development and widely support in the world, it’s very possible to rewrite the web hosting service. If web hosting companies want to survive they must improve both service and platform as much as possible.