Why DELL Server for Hosting?

why dell server for web hosting

DELL, a leading brand in computer industry. DELL server has been standard choice by over half web hosting providers. Most companies actually highlight the point to gain better business. So why dell server is important to hosting industry? How does it help service providers to reach success? Let's read below.

On the server market, there're 3 most well known brands, IBM, DELL and HP. IBM is absolutely the best server platform for its historical performance and hardware configurations. IBM works closely with state of the art technologies to provide the highest server solutions. If you're providing enterprise solutions to clients, IBM server will give you the best user experience and performance. Well, with the high performance server, it also comes with pretty high price. IBM is the best rated server from side by side hardware configuration but also has the highest price.

HP & DELL servers are actually no much difference from hardware specifications and HP actually provides better price. For small business that has tight budget, HP is pretty good choice. However, you can't expect 24×7 tech support all the time with the low price. Means after their warranty period you might have to responsible for any problem by yourself.

While you need to spend a lot to use IBM and can't bear with less support for HP product, DELL will give you fresh breath among all competitors. Up to 5 years' 24×7 onsite support and no question asked replacement. That's the DELL advantage you can not find anywhere else. With reasonable cost and high performance, you simply get the best support to keep your business in safe hands. Just think some day your server crashed but there're lots of sensitive data with frequent online accessing requirement. What should you do? Fixing problems from scratch? Absolutely not the best solution unless you understand where the exact problem is.

dell server

DELL server is best choice for web hosting by following advantages

High performance. DELL server has the cutting edge performance by using the best hardware production. They provide multiple server solutions including tower and blade types that you can install easily from data center space. All servers come with high scalability where you can add/remove additional server resources on the fly. That's how hosting providers be able to offer guaranteed performance on DELL.

Ease of deployment. The operation of DELL server has no more difference than personal computer. You can configure DISK RAID, Cluster and server farm easily using the provided tools when purchasing the server. DELL server has lots of optimization and security tools from default installation so you don't have to deal with lots of third party solutions for production server purpose.

Onsite tech support. Support wins everything in this modern society, support is also the main difference for DELL comparing to all their competitors. The DELL group setup thousands of support centers on each country where you can call for 24×7. Their genius will fly to your place with most possible fast speed. In case you're experiencing hardware failure, their support service can reduce the downtime in most degrees.

Less cost. Web hosting is a mature business with lots of competition. Every hosting provider is trying to offer lower price than ever but still remain the same performance, thus a reliable and low cost server solution is important in their plans. DELL is 100% designed to meet up this chanllenging requirement and liked by over half hosting providers. For newly created hosting brands, DELL server is a MUST for reliable and high performance server for less cost.

From DELL group official report and idc market sharing charts, DELL server got the best selling in Q1 2013 with about 14% increase comparing to the last year. DELL is also the only server provider who has increased its sales ratio among all providers.

Best DELL Server Hosting Provider

DELL servers are popularly used by many hosting providers, but not every company be able offer the guaranteed service as advertised. Many cheap hosting plans announced to have DELL powered but they either build a large server then host thousands of customer accounts or simply rent a VPS server to start their business. Searching out a reputable and reliable web hosting plan is your primary task for future success. After reviewed more than 50+ popular DELL server hosting brands with editorial experience, we highly recommend from the top 3 hosting below

  • 100% dell server
  • affordable hosting plan
  • windows/linux available
  • 99% uptime guaranteed!
  • all servers dell powered
  • extremely fast loading speed
  • code level website protection
  • 90 days full money back
  • max speed zone enabled
  • no overselling dell server
  • business choice
  • 90 days full refund guaranteed
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