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vps management software

VPS is hot on the web, no matter if we're the actual end service user or running a vps hosting business, we certainly need the right software to manage the server professionally and securely. In this post I would like to introduct 3 of the most popular web based vps management softwares and the popular service provider.

What will a good vps management software do?

A good software solution will be easy to deploy and friendly to both admin and clients. In short, it can complete the following work on the fly

  1. Automatically provision VPS and setup all configuration.
  2. Integrated with billing system,such as WHMCS.
  3. Reset the administrator password easily.
  4. Adjust the server resource such as CPU,memory or disk on the fly.
  5. Transfer among different nodes and be able to export/import configurations to other management softwares.

What're some of the popular vps management softwares?

Please note, the software is not referring to the hosting control panel solution like cpanel or webmin etc. The management software is about the host system level solutions where users be able to reload the vps OS and reset server root password etc. There're lots of such products on the web like virtpanel, hypervm etc. Here we will check out 3 of the most popular ones "Hypervm, Veportal and Solusvm".

Hypervm vs Veportal vs Solusvm

Hypervm is an open source software for virtual server management, it is a multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization software product. The spotlight with hypervm is it's fully integrated with the most powerful open source linux control panel – Kloxo, all Kloxo functions can be accessed from Hypervm without having to log into Kloxo. Some core features with hypervm as the following

  • Integration with whmcs and awbs
  • Cross datacenter deployment
  • Distributed management via single console
  • OpenVZ and Xen compatible
  • Windows virtualization via Xen
  • Built in messaging system

Hypervm official site:

About Veportal – Veportal is a light weight and affordable VPS management software, unlike the complex design from hypervm, veportal is featured for it's simple/clear. Both server admin or start users be able to familiar with it in short time. Core features with Veportal

  • Detailed Node Statistics
  • Detailed VPS Resource Usage
  • Universal Import from OpenVZ
  • Instant Official OS-Template Downloads
  • Simple & Advanced IP Pooling

More details can be found on this veportal official page

About Solusvm – It's probably the best and most popular vps management solution. Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI based VPS management system with full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allows you and your clients to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease. The features from Solusvm include all above softwares.

So from above introduction, the Solusvm is definitely the best solution at the moment. Especially the windows compatible feature makes it almost the only solution for many server providers. Hypervm has similar feature but multiple bugs reported and caused huge loss to users. As for Veportal, it's perfect solution for linux VPS managing but lack of support for windows server. Their biggest customer is BurstNET, if it come with windows support, I guess the BurstNET won't choose Solusvm because of the price.

Anyway, if it's just for linux vps management purpose, Veportal is highly recommended solution for pricing and friendly GUI design. If windows is planned in your business, Solusvm would be the right one.

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