Custom VPS Hosting

custom vps hosting

VPS is perfect choice when our websites reach the shared server limitation. Normally we have to accept the default offers from server providers, in case we need more features we have to contact support to upgrade. What if we don't use that much and all those features in the plan? In that case we need a custom vps hosting plan and configure the server with our real requirements.

Custom VPS Server Advantages

With no doubt there're lots of benefits from a custom vps hosting. The best of the best is we can configure the server with our live requirements with no waste of server resource, this is resulted with the minimum cost for our budget. In this way, we can get the best server configuration to serve our website.

TOP Custom VPS Hosting Providers

Custom vps hosting is not popularly offered as the traditional hosting plans because the hosting company will have to deal with lots of technical stuff and management work etc. Even from the most well known hosting company, they would not will to offer such opportunity. Till present, the quality names with custom vps hosting service are myhosting and hostgator, and maybe the less well known name hostrightnow. Here let's check out their hosting features and compare which one is better to choose.

Myhosting – The largest internet service provider of Canada and the most well known hosting provider in that country. They myhosting offers quality and cheap hosting plans. Especially to their custom vps hosting service, it can be customized in detailed features such as server cores/RAM/IPs/control panel and many addon products. The low cost is not only referring to the free linux OS but also hyper-v windows server 2008! Another spotlight is we have the option to select what we would like to use the server for including options for small businesses, resellers and web developers.

Hostgator – One of the largest hosting providers who mainly focus on linux hosting plans. The hostgator custom vps hosting is 100% linux based. Although it's called custom vps, users do not have many options to customize. In short, it's more like they're offering multiple pre-configured vps server plans via a changeable bar.

Bluehost – Very famous hosting provider with full hosting solutions. Unlike any above, bluehost is cloud based for instant provisioning for server setup. The bluehost cloud vps servers are pretty scalable to meet any your website requirement. The best of the best is the management center is 100% mobile compatible so you can monitor and manage server anywhere with internet access!

To understand their offers more clearly, here's a simple table view about the service features(designed with default offer)

Brands Myhosting Hostgator Bluehost
Disk Space 20GB(linux) 30GB 30GB
Bandwidth 300GB 500GB 1000GB
RAM 512MB (linux) 768MB 2048MB
1024MB (windows)
Server OS Windows/Linux Linux Linux
Control panel Plesk($3/mo) Plesk cpanel
IPs 1 2 1
Pricing $15.95/mo $31.96/mo $14.99/mo
Promo Code MyhostingCouponVPS Default 20% off 50% off first month

As we see from the comparison, Myhosting is perfect choice no matter from server offers and pricing. Since myhosting is CA based hosting company, many people might think their service is not suitable for oversea business website. However, please note they have both CA and US datacenters. That means we can take the advantages of US networking with less money!

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More about Custom VPS Server

Custom VPS is perfect solution to support your web development requirements. You also don't have to spend too much in renting a dedicated server for additional resources. If you would like to learn more about this service, please take a look at the below FAQs

What's custom VPS?

Custom VPS server means you can configure the VPS server for every features including disk space, RAM and CPU cores etc. Generally you need to be familiar with computing to compose a perfect custom VPS server.

Can I choose any kind server OS for custom vps hosting?

It depends, custom VPS hosting mainly allows people to customize the server hardware features. You can choose the OS offered by server provider.

Do I get hosting control panel?

You would be able to choose the needed hosting control panel during sign up.

Is custom vps server more expensive?

Since you need to configure the vps setup completely by yourself, the final server cost might be more or less than pre-setup vps hosting plan.

What's the main difference comparing to traditional VPS hosting?

There's no technicial difference for the two types server. The main difference is on the setup process. While you get everything pre-defined for traditional vps, you need to specify configuration by yourself.

Can I purchase additional resource after server setup?

Yes you can, you just need to pay the extra addon fees.

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