Best VPS Hosting Under $10/mo

Budget vps under $10/mo

There're thousands of VPS hosting providers with tons of features. Normally it 's costly to get a vps server. However there're some kind of services prepared for limited budget purpose. Some service plans are even more affordable than tipical shared hosting. After some time's research, we compiled a list of the most affordable vps service that's under $10/mo. In case you're looking for such plan, you don't have to look anywhere else.

TOP VPS Hosting services under $10/mo

VPS Brand Datacenter Xen/OpenVZ RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth Pricing Official Site
VolumeDrive Pennsylvania OpenVZ 1GB 50GB 2TB $4.95/mo
BurstNET Los Angeles
OpenVZ 512MB 20GB 1TB $5.95/mo
DirectSpace Chicago
Los Angeles
OpenVZ 512MB 20GB 1TB $4/mo
Hostigation Los Angeles Xen 256MB 25GB 1TB $4/mo
BudgetVM Los Angeles
Xen 123MB 5GB 125GB $3.95/mo
RapidXen Chicago
Los Angeles
Xen 128MB 5GB Unlimited $7.49/mo
2Host St. Louis
Xen 128MB 5GB 10000GB $4.49/mo
123Systems Dallas OpenVZ 128MB 5GB 250GB $3/mo
Crucial Paradigm Dallas Xen 128MB 15GB 120GB $6/mo
DMEHosting Denver OpenVZ
ECHO Servers Dallas OpenVZ 96MB 2GB 150GB $5.99/mo
HostGD Scranton OpenVZ 128MB
Hosting Inside Taiwan XEN 256MB 10GB 250GB $8.75/mo
Internet VPS Scranton OpenVZ 512MB 50GB Unlimited $9.99/mo
NeoSurge Chicago, Illinois Xen 128MB 5GB 200GB $6.95/mo
QuillHost Sacramento OpenVZ 256MB 40GB 400GB $7.99/mo
TurboVPS Texas
128MB 10GB 1000GB $7.49/mo
VPS4Less Germany OpenVZ 256MB 3GB 1000GB €4.75/mo

Notes for Cheap VPS server

The price looks great right? Especially they're located in different places in the world. If you have business in that area, you can check out them directly. The budget vps is perfect if you sign up for learning purpose. If you would like to put your live business project on the server, I think it's better to choose a upgrade plan since more resources can be allocated there. Always remember the popular saying "you get what you pay for". Since it only costs us several bucks, how much more we can expect?

Cheap VPS servers are provided as unmanaged with limited support. Means you need to take care of your vps server completely by yourself. It's pretty good if you're going to learn for server managing or test out projects via the least cost.

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2 thoughts on “Best VPS Hosting Under $10/mo

  1. Malin - February 1, 2016 at 9:42 am


    Do you provide Linux VPS server?
    Do you provide Public IPv6 and rDNS to IPv6 on your VPS services?
    Do you have different data locations, which provides both IPv4 and public IPv6 and rDNS to IPv6?

    Do you offer paypal?
    Do you offer refund policy?

    Thank you.


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