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best domain registrar

Domain Name Overview

As long as you want to put up a website you will consider to purchase an excellent domain name. When your business grows and your website got more and more traffic, your domain name will be more and more valuable. If you got the domain name from a good registrar then there's no worry about your domain, however if you're dealing with a bad registrar, it's possible to lose your valuable domain name and get negative effect to your business.

For any reason, domain name is your top property besides website.

Tips on how to register a domain name

1. First and the most important thing is to find a qualifying domain registrar. Don't register your domain through domain reseller for any low price, dealing with the top level domain registrar is always recommended if you like to launch a successful website. Top level qualifying domain registrar could be found on this ICANN list. registration names not listed here are mostly resellers.

2. Be as short as possible. Short domain name will let people to remember it easily and surely will gain more traffic if people found your domain interesting.

3. Make sure to choose the name according to your business. For example if you're running a hosting company you should get a domain name related to hosting stuff. People would think your website is professional and search engine will give your website higher rank since some keywords are included in the name.

What's domain hack?

Domain hack is always mentioned when we talk about domain security, From wikipedia, domain hack is an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain.

But something we experienced more is this, if you have a domain name for example, some people when wants to gain traffic and popularity might register if it's available. We found there're many similar domains on the web but they're owned by different people or communities. It's highly recommended to register all similar domains if you're going to launch a branding webbsite.

Who's the best domain registrar?

When we say the best, it's actually referring to several ones but not a single registrar since there're too many top level registrars all over the world. For security and customer service, we highly recommend the following domain registrars.

Godaddy – It's known to almost every people who have dealt with domain name, godaddy is by far the largest domain registrar in the world and their domain registration frequency is counted per second. Good reasons to choose godaddy as your registrar – ICANN certified provider, User friendly management system, Full DNS control.. and more! Godaddy is also one of the largest web hosting providers for strong technologies in the industry.

Enom – This provider is almost recommended by every web hosting company. For reseller hosting company, Enom is always the only option for domain registration, The most famous web hosting company with Enom enabled are hostgator, greengeeks etc.

Networksolutions – It's one of the earliest companies certified by ICANN and capable of handling all Top level domain registration. The thing you need to note is, networksolutions is indeed qualifying for domain registration but their web hosting services are not so good, It's not recommended to host your domain with networksolutions if you have registered with them

Tucows – Another famous top level domain registrar. More and more people are dealing with this company for better services. It also has fantastic pre-designed API for resellers. We dealt with one of it's famous resellers before – webhost4life, although this company was sold but it did offer excellent service for both domain registration and web hosting.

NameCheap – A leading domain registrar that's recommended by many web masters, it's best for domain protection and fast services if you want to manage domain names professionally.

The above domain registrars are currently list on top by most webmasters including us. You won't go wrong by registerring your domain names with any of them.

Tips: domain registration and hosting are different things, when you got the right domain with the right registrar, you may have to make a research for qualifying hosting provider.

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