Web.com vs DiscountAsp

web.com vs discountasp

Web.com is one of the few web hosting providers who can offer both windows web hosting and linux web hosting, their services are always rated top for fast server and fast customer response. While People are seeking for top windows hosting providers, discountasp is also list on the first page and most of the time it make us hard to choice. In this post I'd like to share our customer experience and personal reviews about the two companies.

Web.com Quick view

Service general review – Actually, web.com is not only a web hosting company but have many other web site related services such as web design, logo design, SEO and marketing. With an affordable price you can choose to DIY your website or leave the work to web.com team, it's ideal choice if you're not very familiar with coding stuff.

Web Hosting Plans – Web.com hosting plans are also outstanding comparing to other hosting companies, you don't have to learn what they offer by reading a long story, they point out the main features in pretty clean text, you won't be confused for what you have purchased. Their windows hosting plan uses the latest windows server version and user friendly hosting control panel. As for linux hosting plan, it's introduced with the industry leader OS – Redhat. By using the latest popular technologies, your data is kept in safe hand.

Web Hosting features – Unlimited storage and bandwidth, unlimited domain name and email hosting. Free one year domain registration. Sql server and Mysql supported, PHP and asp.net supported. Green hosting with 24 x 7 customer support.

Discountasp.net Quick View

Discountasp.net is announced the best Asp.net hosting in the industry with latest microsoft technology support such as Windows server version, Asp.net version and sql server version. By offerring up to 3 months free service, you can hardly refuse to sign up. If you're looking for a pure microsoft technology based web hosting provider, discountasp is your right choice.

Discountasp.net hosting features

1GB space and 80GB bandwidth per month. SQL 2005 & 2008 optional choice. Latest Asp.net support, PHP5 & Mysql5 support. Smartermail support, Dedicated application pool and more!

Web.com vs Discountasp.net

Since both websites seem nice and list on top windows provider list. How should we choose between the two? Here I'll compare them side by side and you get the basic conclusion which is more suitable for different projects.

Hosting features – They both offer similar hosting plans and technical stuff. but if you need big storage then web.com would be your right choice, Web.com can offer you unlimited storage while there's only 1 GB available from discountasp.net. For hosting features page, I'm sure you will be tired of reading the long list from discountasp.net since they write too much, you must be patient in order to read all their great offer.

User friendly – At the first look for both sites, which do you like more? I believe it's web.com, why? They have a clean and well structured web design, every service is list clearly and won't cost your patience to learn more. Back to discountasp.net, they can't even have a nice looking website but just putting some rewards everywhere on home page. What worse is the website is not compatible with different browsers and not renderring correctly. Who would trust such website?

User feedback – By searching some keywords from goolge you will get many positive and negative reviews for both companies. I'm not sure if its because web.com offers various service and discountasp only offers one service plan. discountasp seems got more complaints. Personally, I would complain the ugly UI design. From our customer experience with the two companies, they like discountasp more for great MS technologies support, like web.com more for easy and clean User interface.


Discountasp is better choice if you are highly rely on microsfot technologies, The best of the best with discountasp is they use smartermail for their email system, it's by far the best email software on the market. If you like more hosting space and bandwidth, web.com is absolutely the right choice. Beside, web.com be able to offer linux hosting with the industry leading system. So in case you like to try with linux environment, web.com will meet your requirements.

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