Newest Arvixe Coupon, 60% OFF!

newest arvixe coupon

Arvixe Coupon Review

Arvixe is one of the best hosting providers that provides both windows and linux hosting services. Arvixe company released lots of coupons to their partners. The arvixe coupon is mainly offered in 3 types – 10% 20% and 30% discount value. The most search result is either 10% or 20% discount. Even the same code may result in different discount rate. Here we'll introduce different coupon codes and how to use them. Especially, we'll guide on how to use the newest arvixe coupon which will cut 60% from your total order directly.

How to use this arvixe coupon and get 60% discount? Please follow steps below!

  • Go to and click "order now" under your wanted hosting plan.
  • Go ahead to fill out the required billing address and login id/password
  • From the check out page, please enter the arvixe coupon "clue30", 40~60% discount will be applied from the total amount!

Tips for arvixe 60% off coupon

  • You need to order 2 years in order to get 60% off discount price. It's advised to sign up in this way. Only $78 for two years deal and you can request money back in case anything goes wrong!
  • It's by far the most promotional arvixe coupon on the internet.
  • No discount can be reached if register yearly.
  • The discount rate is calculated based monthly price. The order form will automatically do the math work.

Let's take a look, for arvixe Personal Class hosting for 2 year registration. At normal price term, the toal payment is $4*24=$96 for 2 year. If you use above arvixe coupon it will reduce your cost to only $67.2, you're saving 30% for yearly price and 60% comparing to monthly price on this plan! Same applies to Business class plans and VPS server plans too.

Arvixe discounted check out

Go to and apply promo code now!

More Arvixe Promo Codes

Above is the biggest promo codes from arvixe hosting. However, there're some other coupon codes which will result in lower promotion rates without having to sign up 2 years upfront. If you have not used their service and don't want to be contracted with that long, please take following coupon codes.

  1. wh4l – 25% discount for two years registration and 20% for yearly contract.
  2. MVCHosting – This arvixe coupon will give you 20% discount for any periods registration with arvixe hosting. For example you're going to try out for a month or quarterly etc, this coupon code is best choice.
  3. Sitereview – This is a basic arvixe coupon with 10% discount rate for any period contract. Though the discount rate is small.
  4. idcspy0001 – For monthly sign up purpose. This coupon provides 1 cent for monthly registration. Yes, only one cent!

Besides all above coupon codes, arvixe provides huge discount on some important holidays like Christmas day and black Friaday etc. On such holiday time, arvixe provides up to 50% discount with no contract term required. If you need to claim the best offer of the year, don't miss this great opportunity and keep an eye on it. We'll also update on website in time, just subscribe to our feed and you'll get notified!

More about Arvixe Web Hosting

Is Arvixe good hosting company? Absolutely yes, we have been hosting this web hosting review site on arvixe server since from the start and we always recommed their service to our clients because they're really worthy of the money! Signup today and enjoy the arvixe advantage, the advantage of working with the best!

Arvixe is rated top by offerring both windows and linux hosting services. Arvixe linux plan is standard cpanel hosting with all add-ons such as softaculous auto installer and all technical stuff. All of these just start for $4/mo! Arvixe also offers windows hosting plans with newest hardware production and windows OS 2012. While it's only $5/mo you get unlimited disk space and free domain name plus unlimited ms sql databases and newest tech support!

Visit for more hosting features!

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