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IIS Remote Manager Review

IIS Remote Admin (IIS Remote Manager)is a feature of IIS server, it allows user to remotely and quickly manage the IIS settings for web application. All tasks are done through a client end software called "IIS Manager for remote administration". it provides the same user interface available on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to ensure a more consistent experience when managing and configuring the Web server.

Remote manager is available for IIS 7.0 and above.It is compatible for earlier version IIS web servers but not for higher versions.

Features of IIS Remote Manager

  • Remotely manages IIS 7 from Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003
  • Connects directly to a Web server, Web site, or Web application
  • Installs even when you don't have IIS 7.0 on the local machine
  • Allows multiple simultaneous connections
  • Supports delegated administration to Web sites and Web applications so owners can connect to and manage their own site directly
  • Familiar and easy to use administration tool
  • Supports HTTP over SSL for more secure management
  • Automatically downloads features to the local IIS Manager for Remote Administration console to match features newly installed on the remote Web server.

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Best IIS Remote Manager Web Hosting

For reliable and fantastic IIS hosting with remote iis admin support, is best choice by editorial experience. Arvixe provides excellent windows hosting service for 100% compatible with Microsoft technologies. To make their service leading from competitors, arvixe people setup the web server by max available hardware resources with extremely optimization side by side. They apply latest MS fixes and available tech supports to make sure your application can be hosted properly. Check out this arvixe blog post about how to use iis remote management via arvixe hosting.

Arvixe IIS remote manager plan features:

  • Free domain for life
  • Multiple domains hosting
  • unlimited space, unlimited database, unlimited email accounts
  • iis remote admin support
  • up to 60 days money back guarantee!
  • 24 x 7 fantastic customer support

Check out Arvixe IIS Web Hosting Plan!

Because it's about server end operation, iis remote manager is not supported by every hosting provider for security concern. The provider must configure proper user permissions and server protection to make sure no client will crash the server. For arvixe, their professionals have applied both hardware and software solutions for server security. Their data center is well protected by firewall as well on multiple nodes to make sure the maximum security.

More about IIS remote manager Hosting

IIS Remote manager is mainly prepared for IIS7 on windows server 2008 and later windows platforms so windows 2008 with IIS7 hosting is the basic requirement. Because IIS remote manager is security concerned so not many hosting providers offer this service under shared environment even the top rated windows hosting. Mostly you have to use a vps or dedicated server.

If you're going to take this service with your hosting, make sure to read the following FAQs

What level access do I get for remote iis manager?

For share hosting account, you can only access to your account user level access. Means you can manage your iis websites only after connected.

What can I do from remote iis manager GUI?

You can configure all available services from IIS properties such as home directory, application pools and hostheader etc.

Can I use IIS manager for IIS 8.0 to connect lower version windows server?

Yes you can, however you may not take all advantages from new server.

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