5 Money Saving Tips In Using InMotion Hosting

5 money saving tips in using inmotion hosting

Being the top choice of business hosting provider, inmotion hosting is widely recommended by business owners and professional webmasters. Not only for it's high performance hosting servers but also for its professionality and kindness in handling customer service. However, by following the basic business logic and the term "you get what you pay", inmotion hosting service is relatively more expensive than many web hosting plans on the web. In this article, we introduce how to save money in using their hosting via 5 tips.

Tips 1 – Sign up with our Promotional Link

You don't have to pay full amount. Inmotion Hosting provides us an exclusive promotion link which will result in 50% discount comparing to its original price.

This special price applies to all their shared hosting plans including launch, Power and Pro. Get it today if you're looking for high performance hosting with good price.

inmotion hosting 50% discount

Tips 2 – Choosing the right plan

Inmotion hosting manage multiple hosting plans with different features. You need to evaluate your website requirements carefully then determine the best plan that suit your needs. Here's a quick view of the 3 plans with main features.

Hosting plan Launch Power Pro
Website 2 6 25
Database 2 50 200
Price $5.99 $7.99 $13.99

For example if you just need to host a single website & database, the starter plan is good enough to work with. But if you're doing web development and requires multiple sites support feature, you need Power or Pro plan to work with. One thing you need to remember is all plans are created on the same server, thus you don't have to pay higher plan for better performance. Higher paying only provides us ability to host more applications.

Tips 3 – Sign up more than a year

It's always good choice for multiple years registration when you need to use the website for long time. Inmotion hosting provides $1 discount per month if we sign up yearly. That means $12 bucks less for one year registration and $24 bucks less for 2 years subscription. The longer contract we take, the better deal we get. Because their promotional price is only valid for initial registration!

Tips 4 – Take free domain advantage

free domain offerDon't miss out their free domain opportunity. Although we don't recommend to keep domain and hosting together, inmotion is a very exception based all user experience. Users get full control over the domain no matter if you're going to renew the hosting or not. Normally a domain registration costs us around $10/yr, but inmotion hosting provides it free for every clients. Already got a domain? No worry, the opportunity is always kept for your account, you can always refer to your account management panel to claim the offer.

Tips 5 – Special offer for developers and students

Inmotion hosting provides lots of free opportunities for various users. Their group has sponsored lots of open source events like wordcamp, drupalcon and Joomla etc. Developers be able to claim very good offers like free hosting and priority to customize your account setup etc.

If you're hosting a non profitable group or educational institute, you receive huge discounts with up to 58% at inmotion service. You don't need to contact their people in order to claim this offer, just enter your .edu email address to proceed the sign up. Of course, you can also contact their representative for a coupon code.

More about Inmotion Hosting Service

Inmotion Hosting has been our golden partner since 2011. Unlike any other web hosting service, inmotion hosting focus more on server performance other than profits. Each customer account is setup with isolated server resources for guaranteed loading. Their people configured max speed zone between east and west coast data centers to delivery the best response rate on customer websites. Being a respected brand of business hosting provider, inmotion strictly follows their selling policy to ensure each customer account is served properly.

max speed zone

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