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When we talk about web hosting, the primary topic might be the service fees and some on going promotions etc. Actually there's a type of service plan called non profit hosting that's completely free. Unlike the regular free hosting plans that's forced by ads, the non profit hosting is configured the same as regular hosting service. If you would like to know about this service and how to sign up, let's introduce more from below.

How does Non profit hosting work?

Just like the service name saying — non profit. Because of this, not everybody is qualify of the use. For every non profit hosting service, their targeted users are the following:

  • Registered Non-profit groups and organizations
  • Organizations making positive contributions to their communities
  • Educational or Governmental organizations providing for the greater good

How to sign up? The sign up process is little complex than regular hosting plan. we need to complete online sign up as well as fax etc. Normally, the procedures are followed as below

1. Sign up hosting from online order form just like regular hosting registration.
2. Choose a delayed payment solution like check so you won't be charged instantly.
3. Fax proof of your tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) to hosting support including your account details.
4. Contact hosting support for account activation.

Best non profit hosting service

The non profit hosting is not yet popularly offered. It's mainly offered from some huge business provider or newly setup comapnies who would like to attrack users' eyeballs. From our colleagues experience and research. Following brands have the best customer feedbacks.

Brands Westhost Dreamhost Myhosting
Service type Linux hosting Linux hosting Linux hosting
Status Active Active Temporarily closed
User reviews Westhost Review Dreamhost Review Myhosting Review
Order page

Is it really free?

As from above explanation, we have to meet the terms of use in order to sign up with some legal proof. Although the service is offered with zero cost, we're actually advertising the hosting company at zero cost too. Most of the time the company will mention those educational or governmental organizations names to show their advantages. It will definitely introduce more potential orders and the company is very profitable! It's a win-win service so nothing to blame for, but we need to know about the logic.

Non Profit hosting FAQs

How is non profit hosting offered?

Non profit hosting is more or less a marketing term to attract eyeballs. Because hosting group will offer your service with zero cost, they will rely on your further recommendation to friends /families /coworkers etc to sign up their paid hosting plans.

Does non profit hosting equal to free hosting?

Yes and no. You don't pay any fee to the hosting service. However, with free hosting service you always have to bare with various forced ads on your website while there's not any for non profit hosting plan.

Who should use non profit hosting?

The non profit hosting is purposely offered to educational and non profit community website purpose. You always need to upload your identity proof in order to get such service.

Can I host ecommerce site via non profit hosting plan?

Nope, since it's offered to non profit communities, you can not host any commercial site to make money. If you want to, sign up a paid hosting with no doubt.

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