Multiple Websites for Single Hosting Account, Tips & Guidance

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Multiple domains under single hosting account is widely supported by many web hosts. With no extra payment submission, we can put multiple websites online. Why we not take such advantage? Well, since every coin has two sides, there're both pros and cons by hosting multiple websites per single hosting account. In this article we compare both advantages and weakness of this feature and provide editorial guidance on how to use it properly.

Multiple websites from single account – Pros

There're indeed lots of advantages by hosting all your websites under the same space. Either for cost consideration or for better maintenance, the feature brings people lots of convenience. Generally we get following unbeatable spotlights.

  • Less cost, definitely the primary advantage for most people. Since we can add several websites from the same control panel center, we don't have to pay extra for each website hosting. Especially for those who got very limited budget, multiple domain support is great feature to help business starts.
  • Professional management, with no doubt an easy to detect advantage. Because all our websites are hosted under the same space, we can handle maintennce, security updates together without dealing from multiple other hosting accounts. Just imagine we have 100 websites on hand and we host them from 100 different web hosting providers, how hard it would be for daily maintenance?
  • Better security, probably the most important feature when we host more than one website per account. Since we just need to security a single hosting account, we can use any good measure as we want and don't have to worry about password loosing etc if we have added extra protection. Under the same hosting account we can also professionally monitor each website security stats from the same dashboard.

Multiple Websites from single account – Cons

Despite all above mentioned advantages, there're actually more weakness by hosting several websites from single account. The most discussed is about performance. Because if we add all websites to same hosting account, it's actually big risk to get all of them down together. No exception in case someone is overloading the hosting server or the server got ddos attacking. When we encounter such events, all our websites will not be browsable. Uptime is crucial for any kind website because it's our business, we can not afford any downtime.

Editorial Tips Of Hosting Multiple websites together

To support multiple websites from single hosting account, the industry had passed long time development. In early days, it's hard to get hosting service for personal users and requires high level programming skills in order to use it properly. You have to be professional in computing and programming in order to put up a website because you have to code everything by hand. Thus, single domain support is enough for most people's requirement.

But look at the internet today, everybody be able to setup a personal page without knowing any programming knowledge because everything can be automated. As of the convenience, people can put up different websites for different purpose. It's no problem doing that but you have to follow the right way as below

  • Evaluate your website requirement carefully. So you need to host multiple websites together, those websites might be for different topics for different industries. Thus it's quite possible your websites will be viewed in different ways. You might require frequent user interaction on one website and just for product show case on another. So check carefully about your website purpose then you will know what kind of websites can be hosted together.
  • Do not host with a budget hosting service. Budget hosting service is everywhere today because of the competition. However, if you would like to receive decent performance and support, you should avoid using such service. The logic is simple, why should they give us guaranteed service for less paying? Not only for multiple websites, even for a single bigger personal website, budget hosting is limited for too many things.
  • Backup regularly. We must have a good backup schedule and ensure we got a copy of the latest data. As explained from above, it's a chanllenge to host all websites under a single account, just the same logic to put all eggs to same basket. Once the server crashs we can always get quick recovery from local copy.
  • Monitor website performance and do necessary changes. The most important part after websites put online. Monitor carefully about the growth then apply necessary optimizition or even hosting upgrade. An extra website on server means more resources to be ultilized. Pay attention to our poor server and don't overuse it.

Best multiple websites hosting recommendation – InMotion

InMotionHosting is the top recommendation for multiple websites hosting purpose. Either for performance or security, inmotion hosting plan provides the best price value. Their shared business hosting service is neither too expensive nor too cheap and keep a perfect balance point between price and quality. InmotionHosting does not support unlimited websites for their shared plans but a limited "multiple" to ensure every clients can get the best performance.

inmotion hosting multiple domain support features

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