Best Xampp Hosting Revealed

best xampp hosting

Xampp Introduction & Hosting

XAMPP is free and open source package for web server environment setup. Is Xampp the same as LAMP we discussed before? Absolutely no, While Lamp is just the environment for running a website, Xampp is an actual software pack to setup this environment on windows, linux and even Mac! Apache + Mysql + PHP + Perl is the actual meaning, the "x" is read as cross. With xampp installation you will get most service configured including Apache, MySQL, PHP & PEAR, Perl, ProFTPD, phpMyAdmin, OpenSSL and many other php extensions.

Xampp is not popularly installed on production hosting server. It's best for local web development purpose because of the quick setup and easy configuration.

Xampp Features & Advantages

For a long time, if you would like to setup the website working environment you have to download all softwares and configured it manually by following some documentations, it's abosolutely time consuming job if you would like to setup multiple production servers. The issue is solved by the born of Xamp. The Xampp team prepared all necessary softwares with security patch in an auto installer. If you're under a linux machine, you can setup a security and powerful web server environment with few commands. If you're using windows server, you just complete all tasks by few clicks away!

Core service from xampp

  • Apache Web server
  • MySQL Engine
  • Latest PHP
  • phpMyAdmin pakcage
  • ProFTPD/FileZilla FTP Server
  • Tomcat web server with mod_proxy_ajp
  • XAMPP Control Panel

As you see, the purpose of Xampp is to help webmasters setup a server environment quickly without dealing a lot of technical stuff. The best of the best of this software is you can always keep it up to date from control panel center.

Xampp vs WAMP vs LAMP

When we talk about Xampp, you may also heard about the name "WAMP". so what's wamp? is it another software name? No, wamp is the same as LAMP which is just the environment name for running website services. In short, WAMP stands for Windows + Apache + Mysql + PHP. WAMP is very like LAMP but just runs under a windows server.

So basiclly, Xammp installer will be albe to setup the LAMP and WAMP environment easily.

Xampp Web Hosting Provider?

Who could offer quality Xampp hosting service? Unfortunetely there's no provider who can offer this service directly. First, if you're looking for Xampp hosting on shared hosting plans, there will be no search result. That's because no better control panel interface and back up solutions to deal with this technology. For Xampp on linux server, it might be possible but you won't know who actually use it for security purpose. Nowadays many hosting providers use standard cpanel hosting which is pretty powerful, no one would like to deal with xampp for any potential problem.

Also, you should note the Xampp is just composed by multiple softwares where you can get from most web hosting services. So if you developed your site via xampp there's no problem to host the site with most hosting providers. What you really need to worry is about server performance and tech support. We highly suggest checking out for quality support and outstanding server performance.

However if you eager to use xampp by yourself, vps hosting and dedicated server hosting is what you're looking for but definitely more expensive than shared hosting plans. Xampp is advised if you would like to deal with unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers because it will save your time for technical configurations.

Check out our VPS server and dedicated server pages for more details

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