Top World Class Data Centers

top world class data centers

Data center Overview

From Wikipedia, Datacenter (also called IDC) is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.

Top US Data Centers

With the fast growing of E-business as well as the technologies, more and more companies especially web hosting companies setup their own datacenters. Here're some Top US data centers.

1. SoftLayer (SL)

Official site:

Softlayer is the world NO.1 datacenter by overall ratings. it's setup in 2005 with Cisco network and redundant lines. there're three datacenters included by far: Seattle datacenter, Dallas datacenter, Washington, DC Data Center. The join of Theplanet datacenter definitely consolidated the industry leader position of softlayer. It's the largest datacenter till present.

With its large size, it's powering lots of web hosting companies. The most famous brand is Hostgator who has actually occupied half of the datacenter space.

2. Krypt (KT)

Official site:

Krypt was setup in 1998 in Los Angeles, California. Currently running about 100Gbps bandwidth and serving over 15000 servers globally. Santa Ana Datacenter is the most famous one under KT. If you're looking for west coast web hosting service, KT backend brands can be considered for fast loading.

Test IP:

3. PacificRack

Official site:

PacificRack was found in 1999 and locates at Los Angeles, Their main bandwidth providers including Mzima, Level(3),Global Crossing, Sprint, Savvis, PCCW/BTN, Any2Exchange Peering – 1 Wilshire etc. Because of such facilities, the datacenter is primary choice over hundreds of hosting providers.

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4. FDC

Official site:

FDC is Located in Chicago and Denver, Over 60GB bandwidth to US main line. 24 x7 technical support and server monitorring. Bandwidth providers including Comcast, Tiscali, TATA communication,Level3,Nlayer,XEEX,Seabone etc. FDC is most well known for it's dedicated server service for it's stable and fast connection network.

Test IP:

5. SK

Official site:

SK is actually part of FDC datacenter but still perform excellent in the industry. Unlimited bandwidth with free ddos protection and BGP4 firewall support. Since they invested a lot to haredware protection so their price is relatively higher than others.

Test IP: 208.98.0.*,   208.98.1.*

6. AK

Official site:

AK is one of the most affordable service provider who can offer ddos protection. Their main bandwidth is connected from, Fast customer response is the most outstanding feature of AK.

Test IP:,,

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