WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

wordpress vs joomla vs drupal

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are three of the best and most popular Blog/CMS softwares on the internet. There're various comparison of the three softwares due to their popularity. In this article we'll provide our own opinions about the three Apps by years working experience with them.

Background, Review and Comparison

Before we make the comparison, let's give it a quick review of the history and statistics of wordpress, joomla and drupal. Let's start with wordpress.

Why wordpress? – It's definitely the hottest solution for bloggers. over 90% top level domain blogs are wordpress based on the globe. WordPress was released when more and more people be able to purchase some MBs server space and host their own websites/blogs.

Wordpress started as blog software, but the usage is growing rapidly and more and more communities joined it's development. The result is more and more plugins/themes added to download area. For it's light weight design and powerful plugin/theme support. WordPress is used on more and more websites and working more than a blog software but content management system.

What's good of Joomla? – Joomla is absolutely the best CMS software which can be handled by start users and developers. You can easily manage the site layout by editing the source files from backend. all joomla functions are centralized from admin and you can navigate easily.

Best of the best for joomla is there're thousands of free and commercial components to support your projects, if you're going to launch a community site or shopping mall, joomla has side by side support to get your website running perfectly. Another important thing is joomla has perfect SEO structure to rank your website high. Their official site and support community has the highest page rank (PR9).

Who should use Drupal? – Drupal should be the most powerful CMS among the three softwares. Actually Drupal is released more developers friendly from either the package structure of code design. You have to make a lot of customization in order to put up a production site.

For a start user, you may find it little hard to understand how to get started with drupal since it has almost everything get ready. Although you have to learn a bit more in order to use drupal, there're thousands of successful famous sites are drupal based. Drupal is also mostly used for website backend admin.

Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal

Let's first take a look about the usage over the 3 softwares

wordpress vs joomla vs drupal

From above introduction for wordpress, joomla and drupal you should found that wordpress is still the most ideal choice for blog site purpose, if you need to put up a small CMS application, wordpress is still be able to handle. Joomla is completely deisgned for Content Management System (CMS). If you have a lot of products to show up, it's better to use joomla other than wordpress. Especially when you're dealing with ecommerce solutions, joomla is almost the MUST. As for drupal, as long as you're familiar with coding and some programming skills, it's highly recommended since it will bring up a secure and well formed website. Generally speaking, if you need to use drupal, you have to get a developer to work with or you have to learn a bit by yourself.

Conclusion: WordPress is still most recommended for blogging, Joomla is best choice if you're going to launch a big website with lots of products. If you like to customize and manage the application side by side by yourself, drupal is the ideal choice. Normally, you're a learned developer if drupal is your favorite.

Best Web Hosting for wordpress, joomla and drupal

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