Best Windows Reseller Hosting Revealed

windows reseller hosting

Windows Reseller Hosting Overview

Why windows reseller hosting? Windows hosting request is huge from web developers but not too many hosting providers are windows based. Especially for high quality windows hosting service, it's either hard to evaluate or too expensive to work with.

Why you should join windows reseller? Because you can start your own windows hosting business quickly but don't have to prepare all physical/virtual equipments especially for those expensive hardware and server license. You only need to focus on website promotion and customer management. You leave all tech part/support to the actual web hosting company and just enjoy the earning!

Advantages of windows reseller hosting

If you search around the internet for reseller hosting, over 90% are linux based service. However, there're still many requests for windows hosting but seems no much provider would like to offer this opportunity for people to sign up or their service quality can't be accept for successful business purpose.

As you see, there's big gap between the service offer and requests. If you can deal with the right windows reseller hosting you will be able to put up a successful business very easily.

Best Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

After research on the web and learn from webmasters' experience, there're 4 popular windows reseller hosting providers, They're arvixe, accuwebhosting, eukhost, mochahost. Here's a table list of their main features to help you get a basic understanding about their services.

Reseller Brands Arvixe Accuwebhosting Eukhost Mochahost
Starter Price $25/mon $29.95/mon £14.99/mon $11.63/mon
Disk space 50 GB 50 GB 5GB 25GB
Bandwidth 500 GB 150 GB 40 GB Unlimited
Control Panel Websitepanel Websitepanel Websitepanel/Plesk Websitepanel
Customer Support 24×7 24×7 24×7 24×7

Arvixe vs Accuwebhosting vs Eukhost vs Mochahost

Arvixe is leading windows hosting provider and the most well known name in the list. Arvixe windows reseller hosting plans are offered exactly the same as their own hosting plans to make sure you can use all their existing services. You're just introduct new accounts to the same space of their official site. You get stanard billing and client management tools to monitor all customer statistics. You will also get custom name server for your own business to make everything professional.

Accuwebhosting is also popular windows reseller hosting brand but you will benefit less because of the domain/bandwidth limitations and their price is the highest among the 4. The ACC windows hosting structure is much the same as Arvixe, they both use websitepanel and very similar offers, they even offer smartermail options which makes their service outstanding instantly!

Eukhost is UK based service provider that offers too little space/bandwidth for potential growing business and it's featured for UK only. Unless your potential market is in UK only, it's not recommended for bigger business purpose.

How about mochahost? Although their price is the lowest one in comparison, I believe no much webmasters would like to deal with. They introduced standard websitepanel for hosting management but seems they're more linux friendly. Mochahost is well known for their tomcat support with affordable service plans.

Advantages with Arvixe windows reseller hosting

As you see from the list, arvixe is most outstanding either from price and reseller hosting plan features. I would like to introduce more about arvixe windows reseller hosting and find out why it's the best service to deal with!

  • World-class tech support Arvixe is offerring real 24×7 professional US tech support, you can feel safe to leave your tech support to their team and offer quality service to your clients.
  • Leading hosting offers Arvixe windows reseller hosting features are offered exactly the same as their own web hosting plans, so basically you copied over their service on your website and your clients will get world-class services too!
  • User friendly system You manage all stuff within websitepanel which is by far the most well known hosting control panel system for windows hosting.

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