Why Local Web Hosting Matters?

local web hosting

When you plan to host a website, you have multiple options to deal with. The primary task is to find a decent web hosting provider. From a recent survey, many people prefer to a local web hosting service other than a famous oversea provider. Why is that? We have researched a lot with interviews to multiple people and finally we concluded a list of points why a local web hosting service matters.

Benefits of Local Web Hosting

The primary advantage of local hosting service would be its visibility. Unlike any other remote service, you know exactly how the company operates and how people talk about their service. You also have the opportunity to talk with their company staff face to face. Following is a list of benefits you can receive from local web hosting service

  • Visibility. Not just the company office, you also got the chance to learn about the data center facilities. Many hosting companies are powered by multiple data centers nowadays, you can pick up the best one that fulfill your needs by evaluating them one by one. You can also talk to their representative by face to face communication to clear out your doubts with their service. You will see how their people work at the place and all other stuff you want to know about.
  • Better safety. Because of the above, you can build special relationship with their company and you may get a dedicated customer manager to work with your hosting space. In case there's any problem, you can be notified at the earliest time and get account backup in short time.
  • Flexible payment. You don't have to worry if your host will accept USD dollar or CNY because your local hosting company is doing business at the same place. You can pay via any available method and you can even go to their office to pay the service directly.
  • Better speed. The biggest advantage in using a local hosting is the guaranteed speed. Because your website server is located in your local area, there's no more routings to be concerned. Website can be loaded by most possible fast speed. It's quite important if you're promoting a service to local clients.
  • Better support. The ever best support is expected from local web hosting since you have direct access to their company. In case their online support is not available when you need urgent support, you can go to their work place directly for assistance. Normally you will receive a dedicated support number from customer manager, he will pick up your call right away if you're in trouble with their service.

As we see, above benefits for local web hosting are not available for any other remote hosting service. It's extremely helpful if you're running a local business and would like to promote it to everyone in that area.

Weakness of Local Web Hosting

After learnt the benefits of local hosting service, is there any weakness we need to know about? Certainly there is. The primary weakness is they're only best if you just want to serve your local area business. But if you're going to promote your service to more and more people from other place and even oversea markets, a local hosting can not help because they don't have oversea data centers. Also, you might pay more for the service because you have limited selections in that area. Although it's not a real disadvantage because you can receive extra personalized service, people still would like to save money as much as possible.

As from above comparison of both benefits and weakness for local web hosting service, it's perfect choice for better support and performance. Although you can purchase hosting service anywhere, a local provider will send you more personal and friendly service.

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