What makes up a mature hosting service?

mature web hosting

There're more than 100,000 hosting providers on the planet and new brands are being created everyday. Because of the amount of choice, we always find it hard to determine the best service plan. But it's always wise to do business with a mature hosting provider. There we can enjoy all expected services for less complaint. But what makes up a mature hosting? We can easily judge by following points.

Honest Hosting Plans

Whatever service the company provides, honesty is the basis of success. For hosting providers, honesty refers to server system setup and hosting plan features. If you advertised DELL server then you should setup the structure instead other alternatives. If you announce to support unlimited website hosting then you should not charge extra in case people want to launch a new site. What you described on website must be offered to every client with clear explanation.

It's common to see many hosting plans with unlimited support for everything but when you like to take such advantages we're prompted for billing requests. That's the secret of lots of cheap hosting service. Once we get into their system, we'll be billed for various stuff.

Reliable Management System

It refers to billing and account space management from both support end and client end. Almost every reputable hosting group has developed their own softwares for service automation. They applied various security solutions to ensure your data is in safe place. The company must have direct access to data center space for quick server configuration, thus it's important to have their own data centers. In this way they can easily setup monitoring and protection systems to keep everything under control.

Reasonable Price

Don't always look for low price. Those reputable mature hosting plans are always configured with reasonable price based the features. The IT industry got huge improvements in the past 10 years and greatly reduced the hardware costs. However it's not cheap to maintain a stable system and working staff employment. Those super low cost hosting service are either heavily overselled or with less support.A mature hosting plan will not try to persuade people to sign up quickly but guide people to learn their structures and let us to make final decision.

Clear AUP/TOS policies

Any limitation or restriction are clearly stated from terms of use with easy to understand words. There's no confusing statement or hard to read words. A novice will be able to understand what it is by quick view. It's common to see lots of hosting providers hide their rediculous rules in TOS by small size words. When problem occurs, they will just send out those terms directly to people. A mature hosting provider will never do this because they want to do long term business.

Professional Support

Mature hosting service always provides leading hosting support. The big difference comparing to other service is their responsive and professional communication. They never send out something too professional to let us guessing. Instead, they can describle problems and their requests in plain and clear text. They will try to get problem fixed in short time by quick and professioal communication.

A mature hosting service is just the same as mature man, he will think about how to build up a steady business but not play jokes like a kid.

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