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honest webhost marketing

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No matter if it's a big web hosting company or complete new, from the time they come into this world, they're doing the same thing – marketing. In this article we'll discuss several hosting companies who have been making business correctly on the way.

Popular Webhost Marketing Solutions

How do the web hosting companies promote their service? Well, since their business is complete internet based. they're actually doing the same thing – SEO & SEM.

SEO is probably the most important part once the website goes online, you're working hard inorder to make your keywords rank high on search engine. SEO is always the primary task to get customers continuing. About details on how to do seo, there're many articles online, but the key point is "continuing". You can't stop the optimization work on your website in order to keep the high rank.

SEM is the final purpose of SEO. As long as you get your keywords rank high, you will consider how to encourage your visitors to pay on your website. You will also have to try the best to keep your existing clients and serve them well to get potential business.

Which Web Hosting doing Honest?

Since almost every hosting companies are doing the same work, then who has been doing good on they way? Ok, here're I have a list of some good hosting companies doing business correctly and honestly.

1. Hostgator – Hostgator is always rated top for many points comparison. Their boss got the right way to promote hosgator from the start and quickly became the industry leader. He also attend some interviews and tell people what they're doing to make hostgator service better and always work with customer complaints directly to solve their issues.

By doing the right optimization, the hostgator team also developped a lot of affiliates, the affiliates program is playing as the main part of hostgator business. if you need to know more about their affiliates and promotional  offer, you can visit our previous post about hostgator special offer.

2. Greengeeks – Why greengeeks come right after hostgator? It's simply because of the kindness of their CEO. you can get in touch with him directly if their support can't solve your issue. As far as I can tell, there's no other hosting company CEO will discuss with people so frequently on hosting forums and answer questions as detail as possible. In return to his hard work, a lot of traffic and new sign ups brought to greengeeks.

3. Arvixe – This name is more and more famous in the industry for it's stableness and fantastic customer support. All is resulted by the right marketing  of arivxe team. Beside the search engine ranking, they always keep up fantastic hosting support and their sign up statistic is rising every day!

4. Justhost – Justhost is definitely the Most successful company who can run business so hot in short time. Their success is based on two points – Outstanding SEO technology and lowest price hosting plan! When their price is the lowest in the industry, they also keep up excellent hosting services to all clients. Within just two years, justhost is rated to top10 list all over the world.

The bad of justhost is it's sold to EIG company after the big success. if justhost could continue with it's current growth, it's quite possible to compete with the industry leading provider.

5. Coolhandle – You might have not heard this name before but their team is truely one of the best in the industry. They will learn about how customers think about their service then improve side by side. No much motivations on their official site, they will let you determine if they're worth to deal with. As far as I can say, coolhandle is one of the honest web hosting providers.

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