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Web hosting Support Overview

When we choose an quality web hosting service, support is one of the most important elements in our list. As long as you get into any problem with the service you always expect quick and professional response. Quality web hosting support will give us less trouble in using the service and actually help the hosting business growing faster.

What should be included in web hosting support?

For quality web hosting service they must have Live chat support, Ticket support and Phone support.

  • Live chat support — They mouth of your service, it's absolutely the best option for everyone to contact support instantly, especially for people who're not good at speaking, they always like to type more on keyboard. The best advantage with live chat support is it's easy to launch it for 24×7.
  • Ticket support — It's absolutely the most popular option for every web hosting company, It's ideal choice if you like to discuss some complex questions or problems. For some time consuming tasks, ticket is a MUST for perfect solution, you can focus on the issue without being disturbed by clients.
  • Phone support — Phone support is good way to hear about the actual hosting sound directly, you can discuss everything over the phone without typing. In some degrees, phone support will give faster and better response. Also, phone support approves you're running an actual business but not something virtual on internet.

Email is also the most popular support channel for all hosting groups. For some hosting service, email support is primary choice and will be addressed with higher priority. For example winhost.com uses email as standard support.

Best Web Hosting Support Software

For Live chat, there're several top rated softwares in the industry — Liveperson, Livezilla, Sightmax and Kayako. Liveperson has long history in live chat solution for online business and is by far the most popular one for web hosting companies.

If you would like to manage everything by yourself such as the chat server and software system etc, sightmax is the best choice. You can purchase the license according to your actual team size and save your money as more as possible. The best of the best with this software is you can track your website visits lively and analyze the traffic side by side.

If you don't fee happy to pay, livezilla will help setup your chat system in minutes. Livezilla can be compared with any available chat system.

In ticket support part, the mostly used solution would be the WHMCS as well as Kayako, this package is designed for billing, knowledge base and ticket management. if you search around the hosting support section, many industry leaders even use it to communicate with clients. Of course there're also many other good ones, you should choose the solution according to your actual business requirement.

How to define a quality web hosting support?

For quality web hosting, they always have full time support with all above service types. If you are interested with some new service and hesitate if it's worth of a try, you can check their support directly to check if they're fast to response with professional knowledges. Some support will not be happy to serve you if you state not going to buy but just asking something; on the other side, a good hosting support will always clear your doubts patiently and try to serve everyone in good attitude.

Which hosting offers quality web hosting support?

Since the web hosting industry introduces more and more new members, the service level is never stopped increasing in order to get more customers. If you're not sure which hosting could offer quality support. You can check out the Top 8 webhosts list and find the quality webhost quickly.

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