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Payment Gateway Introduction

Before we introduce the most popular payment gateway used by web hosting companyes, we need to understand what payment gateway is. Payment gateway is a type of service which is used to handle online payment. as long as you would like to sell or purchase something online you will need payment gateway to receive money.

Popular web hosting payment gateways

Web hosting has no difference like many online business so the payment gateways solutions are more or less the same, Here I'll list out some most popular names and compare which is used more for both security and convenience.

  • Paypal — Paypal is absolutely the most popular payment gateway solution for online business. It's easy to get and easy to integrate with your website shopping cart. The most important is you can withdraw money if you find a doubted transaction, this definitely protects both the seller and their clients. Till present paypal has been serving in most countries and districts in the world, it's the leading online payment service which is liked by most people. The only disadvantage with paypal is the high transaction fee.
  • 2Checkout — It's another online payment solution for your shopping cart, it's working in various ways and compatible with many credit cards such as Visa, America Express, Master Card etc. It also claims to deliver turn-key payment services. If you're going to accept credit card payment from shopping cart, 2Checkout is perfect solution. The disadvantage with this gateway is the complex for setup.
  • Powerpay — This payment solution allows you to choose what kind of service you will like to integrate on website and the fee will be different, thus if you're running a small business you don't have to sign up for the large term service in order to save money. The only disadvantage is the monthly fee with this service.

Of course there're many other online payment gateways such as autherize.net, moneyorder, worldpay. Depends you technologies and budget you can integrate any of them to your shopping cart. But as long as you like to accept credit card payment you will always need a merchant account to accept payment.

Which payment gateway liked most by people?

Of course, paypal is most popular one according to user experience over the world. Since it's purposely to protect shopper's money, you never worry the payment goes wrong because you can always get it back. Also because of the easy to integrate solution, paypal is not only used by web hosting or other large business operators but also used by 100% personal ecommerce sites. For opensourced ecommerce CMS, paypal is default option for online transaction.

Any other payment gateway gaining popularity?

Yes there is, Alipay is the most competitive one in the world. Alipay is developed by a Chinese company — Alibaba, it's currently mostly used in China. But since China is the largest market, more and more international companies are doing business over there so a good Chinese payment solution is needed. Alipay is by far the most popular one and integrated with 100% Chinese ecommerce websites. For web hosting companies who like to get Chinese customers they may also consider to add this gateway.

Which web hosting company offers Alipay gateway?

By far, only two large web hosting companies have integrated this gateway solution — Godaddy and Ixwebhosting.

Godaddy is standing as the largest domain registrar in the world and serving a large amount Chinese Clients, it's normal for them to add Alipay to their website, If you check godaddy official site, alipay is listed there clearly to approve they're caring about their business in China.

Visit http://www.Godaddy.com for details >>

Ixwebhosting is also loved by Chinese customer for IP issues, several biggest websites in China are currently hosted on Ixwebhosting server. The best of the best with Ixwbehosting service is they could offer merchant account service which is not available with other web hosting.  So if you're looking for perfect ecommerce solution, ixwebhosting is highly recommended.

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