Nginx Auto Installer for cPanel

Nginx cPanel Auto Installer

NginX is web server developed by Igor Sysoev. It can be used for HTTP and proxy server for IMAP/POP3/SMTP, NGINX is approved to be the fastest webserver in the world and well known for its high performance and low resource consumption. Many big online Apps like WordPress and Comodo have switched to NginX for best performance.

However, for very a long time we have to install this software on vps/dedicated server only because no better way to integrate nginx to the most popular cpanel. In this article we're going to introduce by far the best nginx installer for cpanel and discuss how to use it correctly.

How to get NGINX working with cPanel?

Actually there's only one popular method to get Nginx working with cpanel. Early times, Blargman posted an auto installer script on this cpanel forum. It's also the first try to integrate Nginx to cpanel server. As we see from this thread, there're thousands of views to the script. Since the installer is created by Blargman and showed on project website, the nginx admin should be developed by him as well. Just moved from personal hobby to an official project. Although it's announced to offer the installer with no cost, the owner still be able to earn money by offering further support to users, especially to big users like web hosting companies.

Nginx Admin features

The nginx admin is currently the most perfect cpanel plugin that comes with a GUI for nginx management, we can easily set on/off nginx service and make custom configurations etc. From it's official site, the installer comes with following features to help nginx users to reach the maximum performance.

  • DDOS Protection : Nginx will only pass true http requests and protect against attacks like DDOS attacks.
  • WHM Plugin : Nginx Admin whm interface will help you to manage your nginx server from your WHM.
  • GZIP compression : Nginx Admin is compitable with GZIP compression.
  • cPanel service monitor support: Nginx will be auto restart when you restart apache, So no down time at all.
  • No WHM apache status issue.
  • No PHP rewrite issue.
  • Can manage which domain use Nginx and which domain use Apache via SSH.
  • FREE – The most attractive feature!

Because nginx admin is an ongoing project, new versions are coming out very quick for bug fixing and new features development.

How does Nginx Admin work on cpanel server?

Nginx will work as a front end reverse proxy of your cPanel server along with apache. Which will increase the performace. That means both Apache and Nginx will be co-existing on your cpanel server, it's not possible yet to set Nginx alone since many other cpanel services rely on apache. With Nginx Admin, we can determine which domain to use nginx or not and switch it to apache, it's great feature when we need to do custom configurations to .htaccess.

What if we don't need cpanel but just a perfect nginx server environment? Thanks to the internet, there's an awsome installer for Nginx called "LNMP", it will install all necessary packs such as Nginx, mysql, php etc with one click. Thanks master4life site for this great resource, there're also many other great articles for server management.

Nginx Admin Official site:
Nginx Admin Support forum:

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