Anhosting Review, Yes or NO?

Anhosting review

When come to affordable and cheap web hosting plan, there's a popular brand called "Anhosting". However, I'm sure the most anhosting reviews are out of date because it's pretty old with no update. Here I would like to make a brief introduction of their service if you have not heard of them. Also, if you're looking for the latest anhosting promotional offer, I will also guide you how to claim!

Anhosting Introduction

Anhosting was originally setup in 2001 as small hosting group in Chicago, Illinois. In 2005, anhosting was sold to MidPhase. But as we know, it's not the final home of anhosting brand because Midphase got acquired by UK2 group in 2007. With UK2 powerful support, anhosting is developed one of most popular hosts in business. From a third party statistics, anhosting is currently hosting the largest number of blogs on the internet with over 1000,000 websites served.

Anhosting Plans and price

As stated on their website, there's only one thing they're good at, which is "keeping your website online and smiling". The old anhosting was designed via multiple hosting plans in a custom hosting control panel. Now what we see is all about industry standards on their official site. A single hosting package with rich features like full functional cpanel control panel, unlimited domain names support and unlimited disk/data transfer etc. To reduce any confusion, they merged all old hosting plans in a single solution and reduced the price from $6.95/mo to $5.95/mo.

But please don't think everything is perfect there. The anhosting is designed for people who would like to quick launch a personal website and blog. From above introduction section we should have learnt the anhosting most outstanding features — Blog Hosting. If you would like to host large size website with heavy traffic like forum, large store etc then anhosting is not the perfect solution. Just take a look at the price then you will know better what they're most good for.

Anhosting Coupon

Don't forget to claim the up to date anhosting promotion if you're interested. Although the $5.95/mo price is pretty affordable now, they still offer a nice 25% off promotion. How to claim this promotion? Simply click this anhosting promo link and you will get 3 month free promotion! No coupon code needed and it's equal to 25% discount!

Anhosting vs Westhost

Previously we introduced westhost for their affordable hosting plans. Because westhost is also child brand of UK2 group. What if we compare it with anhosting? Actually their difference is pretty easy to locate. The westhost offers more solutions from shared to cloud hosting. The advantage is we can always upgrade to higher hosting plan incase the current one is no longer suitable. In this way we can avoid change hosting because no higher plan available. The anhosting weakness is they don't have upgrade option in case we need extra support. They might suggest other UK2 brands for this concern. But why don't we sign up the service at the first hand?

So basically if your website is growing steady and might upgrade in future, westhost would be better choice. If you only need a simple personal blog, both will be good to go.

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