Tips & Guidance of Hosting Account Cancellation

account cancellation tips/guidance

The first cancellation in 2014~ This morning, I received an email about hosting account cancellation complaint. Their hosting provider refused to give backup data because their website is bringing down hosting server.. We're still helping to retrieve their data since it's crucial for their business. At the meanwhile, we decide to provide a detailed guidance on how to cancel your hosting account properly in case some readers might encounter in future.

Normally, it's pretty streight to have account closed and get money back. You just need to send a support ticket and the person in charge will follow up upon your request. Sometimes they will try to keep you with their service by offering extra bonus such as one month free hosting or other products they have. But if you really want to leave their service, just say no to all their offer. Following are guidance and tips to close your account in right direction.

Make full account backup to local computer

Why we put this rule on top? Simply because we're living and no longer need the service. Just in case the company close our service too fast, we must ensure our data is in safe place.Before you send out any complaint/request for account cancellation, make sure you have generated full account backup. In this way you can ensure all files are under control so you can host them anywhere you liked. Most hosting service provides backup tools, especially for those cpanel hosting providers, we can easily generate full backup by following the wizard.

Setup new service from another company first

It's always wise to have the new service running before you close the old one. Because your website is your business, you don't want to see it's offline when you're looking for new hosting provider. If you new service is up, you can transfer over data quickly at a proper time and reduce the website downtime as much as possible.

Transfer crucial service first

Migrating account to new company includes lots of stuff sometimes. Especially when your domain and hosting were registered with the same company. If you decide to leave, it's recommended to have everything transfered out. Because many hosting companies are actually reselling domain registration so most of the time they can not handle domain related requests and always ask people to check with the actual registrar. If you're dealing with such service, make sure to transfer out first to prevent potential issues. I believe you would not like to contact back for problem fixing in future.

Cancel before account expiration date

You should move at least one month before account expiration. In this way you get enough time to transfer everything and you don't have to worry about unused fund in account.

Send cancellation request via right channel

There're multiple connections to hosting support. But account cancellation requests are always handled by accounting department thus you must select the right channel. Also, since it requires some time and further communication about the process, ticket system is the best place to send your cancellation request. Normally, you still have access to support area even account closed. So in case there're problems in future you can always refer to support area. Other channels like email or online chat is not suitable for this kind inquiry.

Wait some time for money back

Let's say you have half year's service not used and you should get refund based the company policy. But please be patient when you wait for the money. Based the payment method we choose, it might take up to 7 business days to see it from our bank account and there's no notice at all based our experience.

So here is the right order to close your old service then get it alive on new hosting server: Generate full backup > Open new hosting service from another company > Transfer over all services > Send cancellation request. We hate to deal with the process but we must do it correctly when there's need.

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