How to Get support Efficiently & Professionally

tips and guidance to get better hosting support

When problem occurs with our hosting service, the support team is our most reliable contact because they have full access to problem resources. But not all of us can communicate with technician properly based our support experience. We have to reply at least one time to understand what exact problem there is. We have generated the following suggestions & guidance on how to get support fastly and professionally.

Select the right support channel

Hosting companies always provide multiple support channels like online knowledge base, chat and ticket system. We must evaluate the kind of problem we encounter then determine the proper support contact. For example, if we have billing concerns, then there's no doubt we need to contact accounting department instead tech support or just send out a general inquiry. This will simply slow down the support experience.

Except for live person support, knowledge base actually be able to solve most common issues because its all provided by the support team experience. Some frequently asked questions like how to transfer domain and file uploading, there're great video tutorials, you don't need a technician at all.

Pick out the most important

As we know, most support technicians are pretty busy in fixing various problems every day. They don't have sufficient time to spend on every single case. Thus it's important to let technician understand the problem in quick time so they can do needful support. When referring to accounting issues, ownership verification is a MUST as always. So make sure you provide necessary verification for account changes.

Guide technician on how to produce problems

Some problems might be produced by a few steps guidance. We must provide the full steps to technician and possibly sample credentials will be needed. We supported  several clients who just screamed why service not working but refuse to provide us how to reproduce the problem. They just keep saying must be problems on server and show their profession in managing such service. We must understand we're not server administrator but regular user. If we don't provide necessary infomation to support team, they can do nothing.

Don't submit the same problem multiple times

Many clients submit multiple support requests under client area and hope to get faster fix. However, this does not speed up the process but simply bring confusion to technician. Your tickets might be handled by different technicians and if they work on the same case at the same time, it's easily to be crashed. For example when the first technician made a change on website configuration then reply to get further details, but later another technician made another change and still ask you to provide more information, they will be confused when they return to the problem. So never submit the same problem multple times, it helps nothing but just slows down the fixing process.

When problem occurs, don't worry. We need to make primary evaluation and find where the problem might be. Sometimes, we don't need to contact support at all. If we can do a little more research, we can find solutions easily from online resource. With our experience, many technicians search for support online and just provide guidance on how to fix problem by customers themselves.

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