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If you're web developer, SQLite might be popular name like all other type database systems. If you never heard of it and not sure if it will work with your application, let's introduce more and compare with the popular database engines like Mysql and Ms SQL then find out if it's perfect database.

What's SQLite?

SQLite is a relational database management system contained in a small (~275 kB) C programming library. SQLite is ACID-compliant and implements most of the SQL standard, using a dynamically and weakly typed SQL syntax that does not guarantee the domain integrity. SQLite is compatible with all mainstream OS like windows/unix and works with many programming languages including C#、PHP、Java etc.

How to manage sqlite? Like most database engines, there're several management tools for sqlite, such as sqlitemanager, sqliteadmin, sqlitebrowser etc.

What's good of SQLite?

Small size and light weight would be the most outstanding feature with SQLite. All data and sql operations are stored in a single disk file. This make it easy for backup and deployment. Because it's working across platforms like an application file, we don't have to make any specific change. In case we need server migration, the database structure will save us lots of time.

Is that all? Absolutely no. Although SQLite is small and light weight, almost all sql queries supported with better speed. At the meanwhile, the sqlite comes with simple structure and very little source codes. For someone who like to be database engineer, sqlite is pretty good to start with.

Best SQLite hosting service

For fast, secure and reliable SQLite Hosting, look no further than Arvixe for all your web hosting related needs. Arvixe sqlite web hosting plan starts with $4/mo with full access support to sqlite database.

arvixe sqlite hosting

Generally speaking, sqlite should be enabled by default for every hosting provider. If you would like to use it, just call it using the proper coding. However, just like all other database engines, not every company be able to offer quality sqlite hosting support. That includes tech support, server configurations and sales policies etc. For this purpose, we still recommend our top 8 webhosts in case you're looking for quality sqlite hosting support.

SQLite vs Mysql vs Ms SQL

How is compared to Mysql and Ms Sql? From the first point of view to people, sqlite might be completely different to either of which but more similar to Ms Access because both sqlite and access database are stored in a single disk file. However they're actually completely different, Access needs Ms Office support and works under windows only. On the other hand, sqlite can be created via multiple programming languages directly and works across platforms.

Comparing to Mysql, they're both open sourced database engines. Their main difference might be the structures design. A single mysql database is composed by multiple files while sqlite has only one. Because of this, if you're doing Embedded Development and can't find a suitable DB system, sqlite might be perfect choice.

How about ms SQL? There will be too many difference comparing to sqlite. Firstly, sqlite is open sourced and free while SQL Server is licensed product and very costly. Secondly, SQL server only works under windows server while sqlite is across platforms. Thirdly, SQL server is tightly bounded to Ms products/techs such as, Visual Studio etc. But sqlite can be worked with many technologies under different environment.

Another tipical difference comparing to other database engines is sqlite will not create a dedicated process while running. Comparing all other open sourced database systems, sqlite is approved to be more fast during executing.

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