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In web hosting, there're many technologies in the backend to serve a stable system. Load balancing is one of the most popular solutions. Because of such advanced tech development we can enjoy the outstanding web services. In this posting we'll discuss load balancing and related services.

Load balancing and hosting introduction

The wikipedia has the best definition. Load balancing is a computer networking methodology to distribute workload across multiple computers or a computer cluster, network links, central processing units, disk drives, or other resources, to achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload. So in short words, load balancing is to share the service stress on multiple servers. In this way we don't have to worry about a single server failure because the other ones will take over the job and ensure the service running.

What kind of load blancing available?

There're different concepts for load balancing, they're either software or hardware based. There're many soft methods to configure load balancing and most of them are performing good, for example the Varnish Loadbalancing. The advantage with software configuration is easy and inexpensive. But obviously it's not ideal choice when you're running a hosting business for example. In that case we have to configure hardware balancing via extra equipments.

Load balancing vs Clustering vs Clouding

From the definition and explanation we might have learnt the load balancing is actually working on clustering or cloud server system. Load balancing is just the benefit from the system configurations.

We also need to clarify that Load balancing is not clustering. Clustering is always on hardware level not on software level. While Load balancing is referring to network, clustering is all about server configurations. As for clouding, it's by far the most advanced server clustering. Via CDN technologies, cloud computing can be setup everywhere on the globe.

Best load balancing hosting

Not every hosting company be able to offer quality load balancing service because of investment and other reasons. For quality load balancing hosting service, we have to head into the big names who have both financial and will to design the system. On this point of view, we have to metion the name EIG again since many big brands have merged into their group. With EIG itself, they have advanced technologies to maintain a stable server system via limited man power. Some popular brands like iPage, Bluehost, Hostgator etc will be working together for better solutions.

Resources about load balancing:

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