Shared Hosting Secret Unveiled

shared hosting secret unveiled

Shared hosting is the most popular choice by over 90% internet websites and daily sign ups are counted by millions per day. Why should you choose shared hosting but not other hosting plans? Simply because of the simple setup and affordable costs. We don't have to deal with server setup and all other server end technical chanllenges but just use the service directly under a powerful hosting control panel. We did a comprehensive and in-depth reviews over 100+ popular shared hosting websites and unveiled the secrets of some most essential offers like disk storage, monthly data transfer, number of hosted domain names etc. It's dedicate designed to help with your hosting research and avoid a problmatic service.

Disk Storage/Data Transfer

disk storageWeb hosting is a matured business with rigorous competetion. The approx number of newly created brands are counted by thousand every day. However, over 60% business were operated by the popular providers who have long histories and lots of user reviews. People can feel safe to proceed with them because of their popularity. Thoese novice providers definitely want to share a part of the cake. Most of the time, they will provide more features than regular to attract your eyeballs. The most popular term would be the unlimited offer for disk storage and data transfer. But, based the less and less cost for shared hosting service, how will they profit with such offer? The secret is overselling.

Every hosting provider can announce to provide unlimited storage/bandwidth by overselling. But what would be the exact breakthrough point of unlimit? By our 7 years experience from various hosting brands, the maximum disk space you can get is 10GB for shared hosting. The limit might go litter high based the monthly paying. Some decent web hosts like Inmotion hosting or Arvixe will increase the limit higher because you pay a little more than most other budget web hosts. However, 10GB is the standard for most other providers.

How about data transfer under shared server? Well, most providers announce its unlimited but it's still limited. The ammount of traffic you can use is solely based the rest resources on the server. For example if the server is allocated for 100GB bandwidth and only 1GB used by other websites, then you can use all the rest 99GBs. The vice versa. Because it's a shared server, all resources are shared by all customer websites in the same space. When it's used over you can not use any more. That's how sometimes your website is still working fine while 10000 concurrent users online but it's down sometimes for only 1000 users.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

domain hostingThe capability of hosting unlimited domain names is a big lightspot when people looking for a hosting service. Technically speaking, there's no problem at all for any web server. The point is how much disk storage and bandwidth you're going to ultilize. Based above explanation of storage/data transfer limitation for shared space, you can't really host unlimited websites with good traffic. You can host unlimited domain names as long as they're not used frequently. There's a good example with one of my old hosting company. One customer added over 300 domain names to a single hosting account. But he did not upload any file to server space. All domain names are used for DNS resolution purpose but hosted elsewhere.

Unlimited Email Accounts

email hostingShould you create unlimited email accounts for your website? I believe the answer is no for 99.99% persons. Why should you need that many? Your business can be running perfect by several central email accounts. A single catchall email account will ensure you will not lose any incoming email. So the unlimited email offer is absolutely marketing term with the least use. For email service, what you really should pay attention to is the speed of outgoing/incoming emails. A heavy loading server will delay your emails for minutes to hours. Most cpanel hosting servers do not seperate web severs/email servers.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

uptime guaranteeThe words are simple to tell out but requires more than 300% efforts to archive that. Especially for some newly created hosting brands who rely on reseller or VPS servers, they don't have direct access to server hardwares and actual network configuration. For such case, the gurantee is just from mouth and customer won't share a single light from this policy. For such high rate guarantees, the hosting group has to do great efforts in server/network monitoring and optimization. They will also have to be smart in dealing with various attacks to protect customer accounts. For most of the time, you need to rent space from multiple datacenters and do failover backups. Based all those involved actions, it's a big investment and not doable for small companies. The highest uptime stats with our experience is only 99.85%, 99.99% rate never happend yet with any web host.

Around the Clock Support Guarantee

247 supportAlmost every hosting service announce to provide 24×7 supports in various channels. But what a real 24×7 support includes? Such support guarantee requires hosting companies to employ lots of support staff to be on duty by turns. To serve people from different locations, you may also have to setup multiple support centers to handle the ammount of support requests. Unless you generate big profits from your business, the support guarantee is simply on paper only.

Best Shared Hosting Provider

Based all above concerns and price value, arvixe is arwarded the best shared hosting provider with 9/10 positive customer feedbacks. Arvixe provides affordable and honest hosting service from both windows and linux platforms. Their support is available from each corner of United States with free life style. Arvixe hosting service is recognized as fast, stable and reliable. They proudly announce 1 cent hosting service for up to 30 days evaluation!

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