SEO Quality Explained

seo quality

Overview of SEO

SEO is now hot topic on the whole internet because of the fast growing e-business, everybody want to make money on this virtual market. Indeed, ecommerce is more and more popular on the globe and a quality website is the first step to sale your products online. However most people still prefer to search the potential products through search engine. So you must do a lot of work in order to rank your website high.

What efforts you should make to rank high from search engine?

Since from the begining of SEO there're two popular description: whitehat seo and blackhat seo.

What's blackhat seo? Long words in short, it means to spamming everywhere with your website keywords and increase your website backlinks greatly in short time. By doing that your website can be ranked high in short time but search engine will also remove the rank quickly via each update.

On the other hand, whitehat seo is focusing on website quality and increase the popularity/rank gradually, the weak point is the long time work comparing to blackhat but your website will get a stable rank from search engine thus you no need to worry about any search engine update.

How does search engine determine if your website is valuable to people?

In order to always rank high on search engine you must ensure your website quality and never stop promoting it. So how will google determine your website quality?

In fact, the search engine including google is more and more smart. Just think about what's liked by real people in the industry and ask yourself questions as following:

  • Can you trust the information provided on the website?
  • Do you think the article is written by industry professional or part time job worker?
  • Are there too many similar content on your website but just with different keywords?
  • Can you post your credit card information on this website?
  • Are there any incorrect spellings or fraud information?
  • Do you write something based on real users interest and needs or just want to rank high on search engine?
  • Do you offer original posting, information, news or related analysis?
  • Is your page valuable comparing to other websites on search results?
  • How much quality control in your article posting?
  • Does your article posting include both positive and negative aspects?
  • Is your website authoritative comparing to those who have the same template?
  • Are your web contents composed in short time or raise up gradually?
  • Did you pay attention to each small aspects of your article or just by quick writing?
  • Can you trust the information irrelated to the website topic?
  • Will you recognize the websit as authoritative when browsing related websites?
  • Do you have a complete and clear introduction about your website?
  • Is there any acute analysis to the topic but not just something to attract eye-balls?
  • Do you wish to save the page to bookmark and recommend to other people?
  • Are there too many unexpected advertising in your article?
  • Do you think your article is too short to be helpful?

As you see, original and useful information are most important aspects for a quality website. You must try to provide more useful information to people in order to to liked by search engine. When you post something on your website, you should always think above questions and revise it as more acurate as possible.

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    Nice article and informative.

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