SEO 3.0, what has changed there?

seo 3.0

SEO 3.0 is a new concept for Search Engine Optimization. Recently it's mentioned on more and more SEO and Marketing related articles. The search engines are more and more smartly developed to meet people's requirements, SEO development is also more and more nomative. However, can it be sorted like the web technologies so clearly?

What's SEO 3.0?

Have you ever heard about the name? To learn what SEO 3.0 is, let's look how people define SEO 1.0 and SEO 2.0.

SEO 1.0 -It's earliest level of SEO where quality articles are recognized the core idea from search engine. However, that's not the all from early days. Because search engine is not that smart as today, we can always increase the website keywords density to get better ranking. Actually, SEO is not so emphasized like today and there's no much official documents about how to.

SEO 2.0 times is mostly talking about website weight value. How it's judged? The number of backlinks. For very a long time, the number of backlinks is the website optimization standard. That's how come tons of spam on the internet. Creating backlinks is the main work for SEOer. With the search engine development, more factors being considered for website weight coefficient such as domain registration date and backlink quality etc.

So how about SEO 3.0? When this concept come out on internet, it's all about user experience on website. That means SEO is never judged by the old standards. When SEO comes into 3.0 standards, SEOer will work for "Searcher Experience Optimization".

What's the standards of Searcher Experience Optimization?

Since it has provided us the concept of SEO 3.0 so what would be the standards? Unfortunately, there's not an official standard yet. We can only say, the SEO 3.0 concept is a great idea for future web development but there would be a long time to set any rule for it.

For example, flash website is not friendly to most search engines because their spiders can't crawl. What if a quality flash website and liked by everyone? Can we see it's not user friendly because it's not ranked high on search engine? Definitely not. Also, since the SEO 3.0 is about user experience, how does it decide if the website is user friendly or not? By link structures and number of original articles writing? What if the article is completely unrelated to the topic but still ranked on top?

So we see, there's not a standard yet to define user experience for SEO 3.0 but it will be well-established gradually in future development. It's the tendency of search engine and the entire industry development.

What should we do?

No matter if we're doing seo jobs or other types web promotion. Just treat ourselves as the original website visitor and think what they actually need and why they should stay on our website. Regardless or any new SEO rule, what we need do is to provide the real info for our visitors and never over optimize.

So in summary, the industry is not fully ready to welcome SEO 3.0 no matter from search engine algorithm or the overall people's thinking mode. However, SEO 3.0 is absolutely marked out for industry future development.

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