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Offshore hosting

You might have been pretty familiar with the traditional web hosting services such as shared hosting, vps or dedicated server hosting plans. Have you experienced or heard offshore hosting service? How does it actually work in the business and where to locate the right offshore hosting provider? This is what I would like to discuss about in this article.

What's offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting means to sign up hosting plan from a provider who has datacenter in a different country with light regulations. Offshore hosting service is normally provided through dedicated server plans. Offshore hosting is recommended if you wish to host something not allowed in your country. Like Gambling and Adult materials are not allowed for many countries. So if you can't get a good solution from your local provider, you can find a offshore hosting service and host your website on their servers.

What's good of offshore hosting service?

Because the world is composed by both good and bad stuff, different countries set different rules to protect their traditions. Like the internet, it's known as free to every people, however you still need to follow your local government policies or else you will cause problem. Offshore hosting makes everything possible because you can always find a suitable service to get something online. Besides, it also comes with following advantages:

Suppose your website content is illegal in your area but you have hosted with an offshore hosting service, it's possible to receive some kind of attacks on your website or entire hosting server. This is pre-considered by the service provider and they setup different level and different type firewalls to filter such attack. In some degrees, offshore hosting is outstanding secure hosting if you're concerned about security very much.

Except for the server end security protection, your domain will be completely anonymous too, that means no one will trace that domain back to you. The whois will only tells you domain registrar and expiration date,  all other information will be hided. if you protect your website privacy as much as possible, offshore hosting might be your primary consideration.

TOP Offshore Hosting Service

Although you can find tons of advantages for offshore hosting, however such service is not everywhere in the world. Countries like the Netherlands, Malaysia and Hong Kong are always mentioned when offshore hosting service is requested. However, you should know exactly what you like to do on your website. Such as gambling is illegal in US but no problem at all in UK so you can find any uk hosting to host your gambling website. There's not a very popular offshore hosting provider yet in the business. if you need such service, simply search it from above areas and there would be a suitable plan for you.

Offshore Hosting FAQs

What server location is best for offshore hosting?

The purpose of offshore hosting is to keep your website anonymous on internet and run out of the control of DMCA and other limitations by USA. The best offshore server location is on west europe countries like Netherland.

What are the benefits of offshore hosting?

Being offshore affords you enhanced data privacy and an international presence that your clients will appreciate.

Why is anonymous offshore hosting better than regular offshore hosting?

Anonymous + Offshore = Total Freedom! Most offshore hosting companies still collect your information, snoop into your privacy and force you to use a credit card. Anonymous Hosting does away with all of this and provides you with a truly private business environment. Learn More.

Will offshore hosting speed slower?

The speed depends on where you are in the world and Internet congestion at the time of you query. You may also buy cheap localized bandwidth for your offshore clients.

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