Tips On How to Improve Website ROI

How to improve website ROI

ROI would be the most interesting topic to most people. As long as you're doing business in the world you will need to calculate and actually improve the ROI. What does ROI exactly mean? How can I improve it? This is what I would like to discuss about here.

What's ROI?

ROI is short of Return On Investment, ROI is one way of considering profits in relation to capital invested. For people who're involved to any kind business, they should always consider how to reduce the investment and increase profits. So as we see, high rate ROI is the goal for every live business.

How to improve ROI?

There're different understandings according to different business. I would like to focus on internet business which is based on website. Website is revolution to traditional business since it destroyed geographical boundaries and connected everybody together, it makes it possible for people to make money online without having to open the actual store. Here I would like to share my personal points and other popular methods to improve ROI.

SEO practice

SEO is a MUST if you would like to promote something from website. Unlike the website early times, the competition is now very hot on internet. You can putup a website in minutes, but you may spend more than a year to get ranked on search engine and wait more time in order to get orders. SEO is your best friend to help you website rank high in relatively short term. Several website seo tips as below

Keywords research — Use google adwords and locate the most suitable keywords for your website. As the beginning of your website, you don't have to compete with the leading websites, you should pay attention to other keywords with less competition and digg long tail keywords as more as possible.

SEO website software — Always use some website management software that you're familiar with because you can customize it easily when it's needed.

Linkbuilding — Build backlinks to your website keywords and never stop doing so!

ROI 3 points theory

If you have budget to advertise, it's important to choose the correct methods in order to maximize the profits. Here're the 3 points theory you should follow up, "Relevance, Originality, Impact"

Relevance means you should make sure your advertisement is accurate based on your products, you should explain correctly and show out your advantages

Originality requires you to make new ideas in advertisement to attract visitors' eye-ball and encouraging them to purchase. You should learn such skills according to your own understanding and experience.

Impact would be more hard, you need to learn about the consumers' social culture and history. The advertisement is actually expression of their culture. Of course you have to experience much in order to archive this.

You have more ideas about how to improve ROI? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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