Merry Christmas 2011

merry christmas 2011 and happy new year

Web masters and visitors. I would like to express my sincere wishes to all of you and your family members at this very time. Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!

A the very end of year 2011, I received tons of valuable memories by promoting webhostpark website. Thanks for your co-operation and friendly suggestions to my work development. I wouldn't have made such great success without partnership with you! I wish we could make further communications and co-operation in coming days. Honestly speaking, it's great pleasure working with you. Cheers and big hug to new year 2012~

What I received in year 2011?

What I get exactly in this year? Absolutely the valuable experience working on webhostpark.

Before I enter web hosting review work, I'm a technical support stuff from a well known hosting company and work around the clock. I can't say it's that bad work schedule because I was earning my life with that work. In my work time, I found many people were confused by our hosting offers and always signed up the wrong package. I was dealing with lots of support tickets and live chat requests during that period. When I was free, I started to think about how to help people spend their money correctly for web hosting service and reduce support requests.

At the very end of 2010 I get out of my company work and dedicated to webhostpark website developing. Many people might ask why I choose such domain name. The answer is simple, because I would like to collect as many web hosting names as possible and try to test them out through my personal experience then publish on this website. The most stuff on this website you see is solely written by my own typing. I can spend half a day to prepare an article and it's picture to assure it's accuracy.

Boring reading my story? Hope not, What I'm trying to say is I really liked this work and don't mind how much time/energy it will take in order to offer quality information on this website. Because it's my dream at the first place. I would surely like to help with the growth and eager for your valuable suggestions/feedbacks. If you have any suggestion or thoughts about my work, don't hesitate to contact me any time for your convenience.

What will we do in 2012?

Will 2012 really be end of the world? Who knows? I heard some of the rich US groups are building enforced projects to deal with destroying earth quake and potential attacks because of the name 2012. However, I think as long as we live on the planet, we do very little to change it's nature. So just let it be. As long as today is not the last day, we should do hard in our work and contribute to better life. I will keep working on my existing project and provide as much useful info as I can in web hosting stuff. Once again, I loved this work.

Webhostpark development in 2012

Surely it will get more co-operation with other project websites and web masters. Futher plans and technic methods are being processed. I just hope you will get better and better impression on my work and remember it's name. I'm sure 2012 will be a more successful year.

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