Domain Selection Tips and Tools

domain selection tips and tools

Selecting the correct domain name for your website is most important while pretty stressful in doing the work. Indeed, we always spend a lot of time doing domain name research but still not sure which is the most suitable one. In this article I would like to share my personal experience about how to choose the proper domain and related tools for domain name research. Feel free to share your ideas.

Best Domain name selection tips

There're different standards depends your website topic and personal thoughts. Here are several of the essential rules we should follow up

Keywords in your domain. Keywords will express your website ideas pretty straight, especially for ecommerce website purpose, you will get visitors' eye-balls more easily and ranked quick on search engine.

Be as short as possible. Based on the first rule, don't keep all your keywords in a single domain because no one will like to remember it for future visits. Always try to keep your domain names as short as possible. Take a look at some famous websites such as google, twitter, facebook etc, we can tell them out without any problem. If they designed with a long phrase, obviously less popular there will be.

Do not use punctuation and numbers. Based on the second rule, we should try to avoid such parameter in domain name in order to keep it short. Why? just think from website visitors' end, why should they look somewhere else on keyboard to enter your website? Be able to type out your domain name in quick time is basic requirement for a good website.

Do not use trademarked names. Always remember to avoid such stuff because you will be in high risk of being sued by some groups. The trademarked names are property of the existing brand owners.

If we can follow the above rules in mind, we can start the journey in selecting our domain names in correct way. Of course, there're many other rules in everybody's mind but obviously the above rules are quite important ones.

Best domain suggestion tools

Yes, absolutely. A good suggestion tool will reduce our time in selecting our best domain names. Here I would like to share the most popular tools that I have used on my website.

The first and the best would be the domain registrar website such as godaddy, networksolutions etc. By searching your wished domain name via their tools they will give a list of available domain names with similar phrases. If you can't get the most wanted domain, their website suggestions are good to think about.

Another tool I would like to introduce is Domaintools

domain suggestion tool

Domaintools is most featured for domain analysis, it will tell you exact information about a domain including whois, domain health, number of hosted domains on same hosting server etc… The best of the best is it will list out the availability of different extension and similar domains.

The last one I recommend is Stuckdomains

domain suggestion tool

Stuckdomains is a website for expired domains collection. As long as the domain expired completely, it will be added to Stuckdomains database. When you search some related terms, it will be listed from search result. Their database is updated every few periods.

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