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mariadb hosting

Looking for high performance database engine to support your website? You might be surprised for the limited choice. Most developer and webmasters install either mysql or sql server to work with. But today, we'll introduce another leading database engine – MariaDB.

MariaDB Introduction

MariaDB is 100% open sourced database that's released under GPL license. The project is supported by a huge community and everybody be able to contribute to each new release. The name MariaDB is named after the project leader's younger daughter – Maria. The latest version is MariaDB 5.5.30

The purpose of MariaDB is to provide a responsive, cross platform compatible and high performance database engine to small and large applications. The Maria project early members are mostly from Mysql community. The community keep each release the same as mysql version, for example MariaDB 5.1.47 while there's MySQL 5.1.47

MariaDB Web Hosting

Comparing to all other database systems, mariaDB is very new. But it's already installed by lots of popular groups like Wikipedia and Google because of its high performance and abilities in handling large data transfer. However, it's hard to find a regular hosting plan with MariaDB support. Most hosting servers are still Mysql powered for it's long historical popularity. If you are web developer and would like to use MariaDB, you need to get a VPS or dedicated server then install the database software. It's free to get and just the same way of mysql installation. You wouldn't get a single problem to have it setup and running perfectly.

MariaDB has very low server end requirement so you can easily on a budget or enterprise server system. If you're looking for a decent VPS server plan, we highly suggest the best 5 vps hosting list. If you only like to try out MariaDB on live server system with less investment, the vps under $10/mo page is suggested.

MariaDB vs Mysql

The mariaDB project is announced to be drop-in replacement of mysql and improved a lot for its storage engines. Below is a list comparison of the two softwares.

  • Development. The mysql core development is limited from Oracle group while MariaDB is completely opened to everybody. That means mariaDB can be improved fastly by more professionals. Especially when referring to security, mariadb can be more reliable because you know how it's configured in source codes.
  • Structure. MariaDB uses different sotrage engines than mysql and each engine is drop-in replacement. Their PBXT, XtraDB and FederatedX engines are recognized more efficient than mysql engines with less bug/warning.
  • Performance. Both are high performance database solutions but mariadb is more advanced system which can be recognized deeply optimized mysql. Because the mariadb core developers are actually from mysql group, they fully understand how mysql is orgnized so they can fix lots of weakness to their new products release. Because of the maria improved storage engines, it's used on lots of enterprise solutions by wikipedia and google.

Official comprison between mariadb and mysql:

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