Top Magento Hosting Comparison

top magento hosting comparison

This comparison is about the top 3 magento hosting providers – Arvixe, Inmotion & Bluehost. We brief view of the three webhosts' support to magento script and compare their advantages side by side. The purpose is to provide our readers correct hosting guidance for any size shopping cart site on magento platform.

Ebay acquired Magento with big money, However seems people's favor are never affected by this acquizition because of the outstanding design for ecommerce website. The number of magento users are still increasing day by day. Indeed, magento is by far the most powerful ecommerce system for large business solution. As far as we can tell, magento will still occupy the high-end market for a long time in ecommerce.

Magento Hosting Server side Requirements

As from Magento commerce official site, your hosting server must meet the following minimum requirements in order to run magento website properly.

  • Linux x86, x86-64
  • Apache 1.3.x+
  • PHP5.2.13+ with following extensions:
  • simplexml
  • mcrypt
  • hash
  • GD
  • DOM
  • iconv
  • curl
  • SOAP (if Webservices API is to be used)
  • Safe_mode off
  • Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)
  • MySQL: 4.1.20 or newer
  • InnoDB storage engine


  • If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported

Server – hosting – setup:

  • Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5
  • Ability to override options in .htaccess files

TOP Magento Hosting Providers

If you search around the web for magento hosting you will find the following names are frequntly mentioned: Inmotion, Bluehost and Arvixe. have you ever heard any of them? They're all certified magento hosting provider with side by side tech support and rich feature hosting solutions. They provide up to date hardware installation and more than enough bandwidth supply. All of them are cloud based service after multi class upgrades. Especially for inmotionhosting, it's recognized standard choice for high performance business sites because of their strong network.

Inmotion vs Bluehost vs Arvixe

Here's a basic table list of their hosting features and advantages for magento hosting plan

Magento Hosting Brands Arvixe Inmotion Bluehost
Pricing $4/mon $5.99/mon $3.95
Controlpanel cpanel cPanel cPanel
Disk & Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of hosted domains 3+ 1 1+(extra fee)
hosting coupon Clue30 50off special None

InmotionHosting is top choice for any size magento website. Not only because of its affordable plans but also its high performance server and extremely reliable networking. All inmotion servers are enterprise grade DELL production by SAN and NAS configuration. The company has multiple data centers support from both east and west coasts. Plus, they have co-operation with lots of internet providers on the globe for CDN service. In this way, each customer can get fast loading speed from nearby network.

Furthermore, inmotion hosting is partnered with magento project for development support. The inmotion hosting technicians are actually developers for this software and provides hosting environment for magento directly. Because of this, their people know how to optimize their server for max performance and ensure the best security for client properties.

inmotion hosting magento plan

Bluehost. a huge name from web hosting and rule maker. The company managed their own data centers that are setup for the next ten years IT requirements. Not to mention its advanced hardware structure, the available resource is more than enough to support regular web hosting requirements. There's more than 20% space left for scalability.

Bluehost has a huge support team with multi class degrees. Their developers are not only from some famous open source projects but also program their own products. Bluehost cloud platform are prepared by their inhouse developers with leading technologies. For magento site owners, they can easily deploy to bluehost server on different plans. There's step by step guidance and tutorials for worry free process.

Arvixe is most well known for its developer friendly hosting environment. Their people are trying to configure the server to meet as many peoples' requirement as possible as long as the server is not overloaded. Arvixe provides multi class hosting solutions for either personal or business clients. They provide very affordable price so you don't have to worry about tight budget.

Everything from arvixe is standard offer from the platform itself. For example their hosting control panel provides all available functions from cpanel software from account root access. For small to medium magento site, their shared server be able to serve you a high performance and sucessful business.

A basic comparison among arvixe, inmotion and bluehost tells us they're all perfect choice for magento hosting. The difference is bluehost service is more about cloud, Arvixe is for developer and inmotion focus on business. If you need up to date tech support especially cloud support, bluehost will be right, if you manage a development group with frequent testing for your sites, arvixe is the way. If you already have the site ready and just focus on promotion, inmotion hosting will be your choice.

Check out inmotion hosting business plans

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