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file storage hosting

What's file storage hosting?

Are you looking for some online service to store your video or other files that requires a lot of space? Ok, that means you need file storage hosting. If you need quality service and guidance about how to choose the right service provider, please follow up this article.

Why do you need file storage hosting service?

If you read the TOS from every shared hosting provider you will find something similar as following statements:
Using xxx's web server as any kind of Mass File Storage and Backup Storage and Mass Video/Media Storage is prohibited on all of our shared hosting plans.

As you see, you can not use shared hosting space for file storage purpose, especially for many linux based hosting providers they even set 50,000 files limit per account to avoid any abuse usage. Why there're so many restrictions for shared hositng plan? Because the space is shared by a lot of other clients. To serve all websites on the server, there must be sufficient free space to make sure all websites are working properly.

So, to find some service for file storage purpose is necessary if you would like to keep lots of files online. File storage hosting plan is the right choice because it's designed specially for online storage.

Hostgator file storage hosting

How to choose the proper file storage hosting provider?

Now here is the problem, if you search all file storage hosting related terms you will find the price is unbelievable high and definitely not affordable for storage purpose only. As for regular file storage hosting plan, it must be setup for reasonable price and reliable to serve live website services.

If you just like to store few small size files you can feel safe to deal with some free service like youtube, megaupload etc. As for youtube, it's the primary consideration for small video uploading because it's stable and fast, the most imporatn is it's completely free.. However, if you're going to upload many and important commercial files, free service is never recommended. For such purpose, an affordable vps would be the ideal solution because you only want to store files there without other services so even with a vps with relatively low standard configuration will meet your requirements.

Best file storage hosting service

For quality and cheap vps server, burstNET and directspace are probably the most well known names, you can always get vps server under $10/mon from them. From their promotion periods you can even get the server at $2/mon! It's absolutely the best solution for storage purpose server solution.

So, what if vps server not enough to store your files? In that case you can consider to use dedicated server with affordable price plan. Even the dedicated space is running out you can always ask the hosting company to add extra HDD. this should be the best method to save your budget mostly.

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  1. Hosting reviews - November 24, 2012 at 1:48 am

    Arvixe is now introducing Windows Server 2012 / SQL Server 2012 for shared service. Server specs as below:

    SSD/15K RPM Drive raids and 192 GB of Ram. Any new PersonalClass ASP and BusinessClass ASP accounts are deployed on these servers.


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