How to Host With Mysql mysql hosting is popularly used in web development, at the meanwhile Sql server database is always the golden partner since from the start. But for various reasons, we can't always use this database system. In this article we're going to introduce how to build project with mysql database.

Best Hosting with mysql Support

Logically, every quality hosting provider should have installed mysql odbc connector on their servers. but it's advised to confirm with your hosting support because the policy is different for each company. Also, we need to make sure mysql support is available with the hosting too. So as you see, it's not so easy to put up a mysql driven site on hosting server. Based our years' experience in web hosting, Arvixe is the best recommendation based server performance, overall hosting features and tech support.

Arvixe hosting plans are full compatible with mysql technologies, their tech team has pre-installed all up to date odbc drivers and necessary components to power your scripts. List of the core features

  • Unlimited Mysql databases
  • Fully compatible with scripting
  • Latest windows server platform
  • Friendly and easy to navigate hosting control panel
  • Only $5/mo to start
  • Up to 60 days full money back guarantee

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Why use mysql for site?

When we use + Mysql, it doesn't mean it's better than sql server system. The case mostly happened on web hosting deployment, we always have to upgrade to full version sql server database and pay extra fee. Because when we use VS to build the project on local computer the built in database is sql express, however it's not the best solution on hosting server and not supported by most hosting. The database and web servers are always separated on hosting. In case we don't want to pay the upgrade fee but still want to use, we can consider switch to mysql.

What should we pay attention to? Because VS has no built in support for mysql, we have to configure the connections manually. We need to install mysql odbc connector and make sure the hosting server has the same version installed. here're two docs about how to

Is there any disadvantage?

Since sql server is the default database system for development, using mysql is technically limited in many ways such as sql report, security etc.. Unless there's a special reason, we highly recommend to deal with sql server. Mysql would be good for small and simple website solutions.

Using mysql will reduce your cost for website investment, however unless you're pretty familiar with the operation and maintainance, you should use sql server database instead.

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