3 Ways to Launch Your Website

It's easy to get your personal website online! Based the fast improving technologies, we have so many choice to create a website and probably confused how to select. Hence, this page analyze the top 3 solutions side by side to help select the most suitable one with your requirements.

Sitebuilder Wizard

sitebuilder serviceSince from the 1990s, sitebuilder service has been helping millions people configuring their first websites. Either for family photo gallery site or personal portfolio site or even simple store and forum website, sitebuilder has been showing its powerful abilities with new tech improvements. Till today, there're over one hundred sitebuilder products online with different features. All sitebuilders come with WYSIWYG feature, what you need is not programming but more about designing skills for excellent website creation.

Attenion, different sitebuilder service will let you publish the web contents to different locations.

  1. Most online sitebuilder service can only publish your website to their own website directory, users only get a web URL to view it online. We don't have direct access to download the actual files. Weebly is probably the best example.
  2. For dedicated sitebuilder softwares, we make the design then publish to specific website space. The software will generate all needed files & database to support a website. In this way we have full control for our website, and in case we need to transfer it to another server, it can be easily done.

If you prefer to use a sitebuilder service, we highly suggest plesk sitebuilder solution which is offered by multiple reputable hosting providers like InmotioHosting and Hostgator. This sitebuilder is by far the most powerful and user friendly solution, with over 4 thousands build-in templates, you can create a professional website in minutes!

CMS Software

cms softwareThe most popular choice today. Especially for its free feature for many softwares, many people start with it. Many web developers and programmers even use the platform for new website development.

Unlike any other website solution, CMS is based on templates, modules and plugins with well-structured admin panel. Most cms softwares can be customized in the way you liked. Scalability and user friendly are most featured for CMS solutions. Using cms is not only a choice but also good experience to understand more about web developing. It's not just a work but fun.

Considering website security? Want to add more functions without a programmer? Try out cms and you will get more than expected. If you want to know which cms software to work with, we highly recommend wordpress and joomla. They provide resourceful templates and plugins which is easy to get. If you want to create a blog or news website, go with wordpress. If you want to build an enterprise or shopping cart site, joomla provides the most scalable solution.


programmingThe primary choice for enterprise websites. Because you want to keep each code under cotrol for fast maintenance in case there's need. As about programming, developer will test everything side by side to ensure the best compatibility on production server. In this way, the website security, performance and usability is extremely optimized with your exact requirement. If you choose to program a site, you must get a experienced programmer to deal with. It's the best if you have your own IT department so everything can be centrally controlled.

Regardless any advantage of programming solution, everything is money based. Hundreds or thousands USD dollar is expected depends the overall website requirement. It takes time and manual works to complete the project thus it's not affordable for personal or small size website purpose. This solution is only best for enterprises.

As above explanation and comparison, cms is probably the best choice for most users. No coding skills required but you can setup a professional and security website. Based various control panel installer, you even don't have to deal with the challenging installation process.

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