IIS 8 Hosting

iis 8 hosting

The world is fast going as well as the IT industry. While something was popularly used yesterday, it's no longer suitable for today's requirements. Take the windows server for instance, the Microsoft group releases new generation OS very effectively recent years. In this posting let's check out the coming soon IIS8 and iis8 hosting service.

What's new in windows server 2012?

Windows 8 and windows server 2012 are currently in beta version. From official press release, it'll be available later in the year. Before the final product comes out, let's take a quick view about the new features.

  • A new interface – Being the next generation OS, windows server 8 loads a very clean screen comparing to any old windows system. The biggest change is the start menu got hided and the common tasks in start menu are completely redesigned. At the first look, you would not think it's windows but some sort of Linux.
  • Server manager – The windows server 2012 server manager be able to configure/manage multiple servers at the same place. More over, the layout and operations are simplified greatly.
  • Task manager – There's revolutionary changes in server 8's task manager. The tasks are categorized and processes using high CPU/RAM will be highlited.

There're many more changes comparing to older windows edition such as management of programs. Simple get the beta version installed and find out more! Windows server 8 download page: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/evaluate/trial-software.aspx

What's new in IIS 8?

There's no much change from the IIS8 layouts, the main improvement is about service optimization. For example it introduced into Real CPU Throttling and dynamic IP restriction techniques. If you would like to more, the Scott's blog is a good place to check about: http://weblogs.asp.net/owscott/archive/2012/03/01/what-s-new-in-iis-8.aspx. The IIS.net official site is also good resource.

Best iis 8 Web Hosting

IIS 8 is offered by most major windows hosting today for its leading technology and management for websites.  based our editorial experience and live user comments,the following brands are working the best for IIS 8 hosting choice:

  • www.Arvixe.com – Leading windows hosting with standard IIS features plus various outstanding features. Highly recommended for medium size website and especially for developers who need different tech supports. Use "mvchosting" for 20% discount when signing up!
  • www.Winhost.com – High quality windows hosting provider who is dedicated for windows server. Clients always receive the latest .net technologies support with more than enough server features. Hosting plan starts as cheap as $4.95/mo
  • www.Discountasp.net – Microsoft gold partner with different classes platform supports. The people behind are from asp.net official development group. It's always the first one who updates with the newest MS products

All above brands have introduced windows server 2012 with IIS 8.0 support for every clients. You can take full advantages of iis 8 hosting service via remote iis manager and powerful hosting control panels.

For fast and affordable windows server 2012 hosting, Arvixe is the best choice. Users get standard windows server support and more than expected service. No matter if you're running a small personal website or enterprise portal, arvixe have multi class hosting solutions to support your website requirements.

Visit arvixe for windows hosting plans! http://www.Arvixe.com

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