Top Budget Dedicated Server Hosting

budget dedicated server hosting

Why should we use a dedicated server? Because we get 100% server root access, less restriction and fully customizable to meet our IT requirements. The RAM, storage space and bandwidth available to you as a shared or virtual server hosting will never meet the needs of a large scale website. If your website is generating a great mount of traffic, a dedicated server hosting plan will be best choice! In case you have limited budget but have to go with a dedicated server, Let's check the top budget dedicated server hosting plans and choose it through your live requirements.

TOP Budget Dedicated Server Hosting Service

The server hardwares are more and more cheap and there's some part decrease from service pricing, however most quality server plans are still expensive. Below is a list of the most popular budget dedicated server providers

Brands DirectSpace BurstNET Hostgator VolumeDrive Bluehost
Pricing $79/mo $69/mo $74/mo $34.95/mo $74.99/mo
Hard Disk 2×160 GB 250 GB 2×250 GB 250 GB 1 TB
Bandwidth 20TB/mo 5TB/mo 10TB 8TB 10TB
CPU Specs Intel Pentium D 820 2 x 2.8GHz Xeon 3050 / E6500 DUAL CORE 2.13GHZ Intel Xeon 3450(Quad Core) AMD Athlon X2 4200+ (2 cores) 4*2.5 GHz
Port Speed 1gbps 100mbps 100mbps 100mbps 100mbps
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Note: The hostgator $74/mo server is only applied to windows dedicated server plans, the original price is $174/mo and they're currently running promotion which is $100 off.

From above list, only bluehost is cloud based service, you get instant provisioning upon order/payment verification. If you're old bluehost client, you get free upgrade to 4*2.5GHz plus 1 TB storage! Bluehost cloud servers are quite flexible to meet any your website requirement. From cloud center you get simple and direct view of system usage, users be able to manage all services professionally. The system is 100% mobile compatible, means you can access to it anywhere with internet access!

bluehost dedicated plans

More about Budget Dedicated Server Hosting

The server providers in the list are well known to many web masters and web design companies. Their service be able to support most web application requirements with the least limitation. Also, further upgrade is available to all server plans so it's almost risk free to deal with.

However, please keep in mind, most of their server plans are unmanaged because of the price. If you need further support such as hosting control panel you need to pay extra for the service. The differences between managed and unmanaged servers are negligible in terms of hardware, but depending on your needs, picking one over the other may be disastrous. With the unmanaged server, you just get the server hardware and server system, you have to deal with all setup and configurations and hosting firm will assist less unless problem is occured on their end.

How Do We Think About?

When we consider something "budget" we should always remember the golden rule "you get what you pay". Indeed, because it will cost money to prepare all stuff, we really should have some basic knowledge of the market and understand how much we need to pay for a quality server we need. They hosting provider will never do something non-profitable. It's normal to see a super cheap server plan with outdated haredware setup. In case we're dealing with some doubtable service, it's recommended to use a third party software to test out the server performance.

Another point would be the server connection capacity. Just imagine about a home server, how much work can it do? So the datacenter specs are pretty essential beside pricing. Generally, it's recommended to search our server provider from the well known datacenter companies such as Softlayer, Dallas etc. If you have never heard of the name, there's always some testing tools available to check about their connectivities.

Budget Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs

Unless you're not sure if you're in need of such service, you can read the following questions and answers then make the smart decision.

What's budget dedicated server hosting?

Budget dedicated server or cheap server hosting means you pay less than regular for server hosting service. It's a type of hosting service with less cost.

What does a budget dedicated server provider do?

The server provider will mainly do maintenance on network and hardware protection. You have to maintain the server system and backup etc completely by yourself.

What you will get from a budget dedicated server hosting service?

You will basically get the server hardware and server system. You will get basic tech support by server firms like OS installation and network configuration etc. You will need to configure all other service by your own.

What you should pay attention to in selecting a good server provider?

There're several check points to look at such as: ① Company reputation ② Server hardware/network specs ③ Existing user feedbacks/reviews ④ check with pre-sales directly with all your questions. Because you will pay money to server provider, don't hesitate to contact their people to clear out all your doubts, they will be happy to answer all your questions.

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