Greengeeks Canada Hosting Reviews

Greengeeks Canada Hosting

Need quality Canada web hosting service? Congratulations! In this article I will introduce one of the best and green web hosting provider Greengeeks. Isn't greengeeks US based company? Yes it is, however they just launched their Canada branch as well as the local datacenter. If you have canada business and require hosting services to support it, Greengeeks is obviously one of the best choice

Why should you choose greengeeks Canada hosting?

Just as their name says, they're green! powered by 300% green energy and care about the environment! Actually, it's quite rare to find a popular web hosting provider who cares about the earth so much like greengeeks guys. If you care about our environment too please choose greengeks! This is the best reason to choose their service for everyone.

Is that all for nowadays business? Absolutely not, don't just pay attention to how green their service is, if they can't offer you quality web service, why should we pay. Here I would like to introduce some of their outstanding features in hosting plans if you're new to this company.

The actual good with greengeeks service is not only the green stuff, their people are actually one of the most advanced team who catch up with the latest technologies. If you have been hot fan of "cloud hosting" you should have heard the name "sitecloud", it's another hosting brand of greengeeks. Just very a period ago it's a hot brand for quality shared cloud hosting provider. It's later merged into greengeeks because of some technology failure. Although the sitecloud service is currently closed, all their management skills/technologies are completely introduced to greengeeks. In a word, the greengeeks hosting is some kind of "clouding", although they have not officially announced yet.

Is greengeeks offering quality canada hosting plan?

Well, I have to say I am not sure because it's newly launched and it will need some time to test out. But from their website nevigating I found almost everything is copied over from site except for their Toronto contact address. The thing we need pay attention to is they have Canada local datacenter setup for this service, that means your website will not be hosted on US server but real Canada server! The actual server location is Pullman Court in Toronto which is the best one of the country.

greengeeks hosting

Greengeeks Canada hosting FAQs

Where is greengeeks group located in Canada?

The greengeeks Canada support center is located in Toronto, CA

Where is greengeeks Canada datacenter located?

The greengeeks Canada datacenter is also located in Toronto, Ontario is equipped with raised floors, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure customers data is safe and secure.

What kind of web hosting plan from greengeeks Canada site?

There's only a single shared web hosting plan from greengeeks canada hosting site. Hosting features are the same as US version.

What's the difference between Greengeeks US and Canada?

The only difference is about their hosting structures. Their original website offers shared, VPS and shared hosting plans while there's only one shared plan offered by Canada website.

Do we recommend greengeeks Canada hosting?

Yes. you simply receive all advantages from greengeeks main site and all needed features to support a successful website.

Is there any other quality Canada web hosting provider?

Since the greengeeks canada service is pretty new, what if I need other Canada based hosting for safety purpose? Hostpapa would be another good choice, hostpapa is also one of the earliest green hosting provider. Only because it's located in Canada so it's not mentioned so much as other service providers. The best value with hostpapa is you can create a mobile website easily with their support and hosting plan is as cheap as $3.95/mo. Pretty more affordable than greengeeks, isn't it?

Go to for Canada green hosting plan!

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