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google pr updated today

Google Page Rank Updated today (2011/11/8) on all websites. Did you get a new PR value on your site? Are you still concerned with each PR update for website promotion? There're many many questions being asked for website pr value. Here I would like to share my personal options regarding to this update and share my personal experience about how to increase your website PR.

Is PR still considered for website promotion?

I'm sure this time PR update will launch hot discussion as always because there're still many webmasters are working hard on it. Me too, as working on I always try to promote both keywords as well as the page rank. Although google announced to stop pr update some time ago, the system is still working and will update the value every 3 months. But unfortunately there's no update on my website this time while many of my friends' websites are promoted. Regardless of the update, I will still work hard on this website and trying to provide as more useful information as I can and give my visitors' good guidance in choosing a quality web hosting service.

Through my own experience, PR is still considered because it approves how important your website is in search engine. Generally if you get a better PR value, your website will be ranked higher from search result. If you're still promoting something on website, you should still consider how to improve the page rank.

What's concerned by google in order to give website PR value?

This would be the most frequently asked question and everybody wants to know the answer. If you read from google guides and other SEO topics you should have learnt it's quite simple. Lots of quality backlinks, Lots of google indexing for your domain plus regular update with valuable information on your website. This is the exact answer about how to promote your website page rank. The most essential point is you have to continue working on the schedule and never stop! If you have been doing so, congratulations! you will finally got a pretty nice PR value.

How to rank your website higher from google?

Besides the PR value, keywords ranking of your website would be the most important task in order to get online orders. Because a high value pr website has no direct relation to keywords ranking and the actual purchase. If your website is new and no pr yet there, don't worry, because what you need is the actual order! As long as you got some amount of quality posting and keywords ranking, PR will come as expected. What you need to do is to forget the pr and focus on your keywords promotion. How to promote your keywords? here're the methods I'm using on website

Write original articles. Original and quality articles are most important in website promotion. You might find it hard to get lots of materials to your topic. However you don't have to write everything based on your website topic, you can always write something that being happend around your life and share to other people.

Blog and forum activities. Although blog comments are working the best for backlinks, it's more and more hard to leave comments for seo purpose. Forum signatures would be more operational if you do it properly.

Link Exchange. Link exchange is the fastest way to get lots of backlinks in short time, always try to dig out some quality websites with similar topics on your website and request a friednly link exchange. Three way link exchange is the most popular method for nowadays webmasters.

Article submiting. Submit your articles to freelancer and other famous article sharing sites and leave your website links for people to track back.

There would be more to work around, but I always work more from above four points. Have more thoughts? Feel free to post your comments

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