Google Zeitgeist 2012

Google Zeitgeist 2012

According to the annual convention, Google released the top Global Popular Search Keywords in 2012 — Google Zeitgeist. In the year 2012, Among the global fastest rising search keywords (the fame keywords), Whitney Houston is on TOP, Gangnam Style, iPad 3 and Diablo 3 are all on the rank.

The global superstar Whitney Houston is ranked in a number of countries and regions search words, her death shocked fans all over the world. In South Korea, the PSY "Gangnam Style" caused sensation on YouTube, the dance style is sweeping across the world as storms and result in NO.1 hits in many countries and regions.

Below is the rank list over several topics, you can visit this google page for all.

Category Ranking
Top Keywords 1、Whitney Houston
2、Gangnam Style
3、Hurricane Sandy
4、iPad 3
5、Diablo 3
6、Kate Middleton
7、Olympics 2012
8、Amanda Todd
9、Michael Clarke Duncan
Picture 1、One Direction
2、Selena Gomez
3、iPhone 5
4、Megan Fox
6、Justin Bieber
7、Harry Styles
9、Nicki Minaj
10、Katy Perry
Athlete 1、Jeremy Lin
2、Michael Phelps
3、Peyton Manning
4、McKayla Maroney
5、Junior Seau
6、Sarah Burke
7、Tom Daley
8、Lance Armstrong
9、Mario Balotelli
10、Ryan Lochte
Events 1、Hurricane Sandy
2、Kate Middleton Pictures Released
3、Olympics 2012
4、SOPA Debate
5、Costa Concordia crash
6、Presidential Debate
7、Stratosphere Jump
8、Penn State Scandal
9、Trayvon Martin shooting
10、Pussy Riots
Person 1、Whitney Houston
2、Kate Middleton
3、Amanda Todd
4、Michael Clarke Duncan
5、One Direction
6、Felix Baumgartner
7、Jeremy Lin
8、Morgan Freeman
9、Joseph Kony
10、Donna Summer
Electronics 1、iPad 3
2、Samsung Galaxy S3
3、iPad Mini
4、Nexus 7
5、Galaxy Note 2
6、Play Station
7、iPad 4
8、Microsoft Surface
9、Kindle Fire
10、Nokia Lumia 920

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